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Oct 23 @ 8:29am
In topic Achievements
Satan has been issued a one week ban for rule 9, discussion of piracy.
Oct 20 @ 10:10pm
In topic Will be any new DLC?
Just to comment on the 'Kepler' speculation, keep in mind that patch 1.2 was called "Tycho".
Oct 18 @ 4:52pm
In topic Rimworld Royalty DLC SHOULD NOT EXIST.
This is veering off topic, I think I'll lock the thread before we careen off cliffs.
Oct 16 @ 7:31pm
In topic Are all rimworld colonys communist
Not sure this politically charged topic needed a necro.
Oct 15 @ 1:20pm
In topic How to make rimworld more fun?
Noeat has been issued a 1 week ban for Rule 2: Sustained hostile/aggressive/derisive/angry tone. I am going to take suggestions in this thread to simply lock it. Remember everyone to remain civil and not behave toxicly (is that a word?) to each other.
Oct 15 @ 1:16pm
In topic Do dogs and pigs eat hay?
This is LITERALLY a 4 year old post. This is not a topic that needed resurrecting.
Oct 14 @ 9:28pm
In topic Welcome our new moderator pheanox
Originally posted by Black Eye games:
i would ask you may what to remove that.
Did that for you, the problem has been addressed.
Oct 14 @ 9:23pm
In topic Rimworld Royalty DLC SHOULD NOT EXIST.
Slingring has been permanently banned for Rule 1 and Rule 2.
Well that was a fun discussion, everyone!
OP hasn't engaged in two weeks plus, and behavior on this thread is toxic. Locking thread.

I have issued Noet a 3 day ban for Rule 2: Sustained hostile/aggressive/angry/derisive tone.
Oct 8 @ 3:04pm
In topic Steam Achievements
A necropost just to argue an easily found fact. Why.
Oct 4 @ 4:34pm
In topic hmm
Definitely fake.
I swear.
Oct 2 @ 12:17pm
In topic where to find the anti-biotic mod
I have issued a 1 month ban to test for Rule 15: no unnecessary self replying.
Sep 30 @ 8:59pm
In topic Fps drops on 3x speed
I may start issuing bans rather than warnings soon.
Sep 28 @ 1:05pm
In topic Features "Vanilla" Rimworld should have
The only mods I truly miss while playing vanilla is the wall light, and Deep Storage. That's it.
I'm going to be locking this thread. Question answered.
Sep 28 @ 12:54pm
In topic Female and male characters
There was literally no reason to summon this thread from the grave. Stop it.
Sep 24 @ 6:29pm
In topic Man in Black event seems OP
Please stop.
I play vanilla pretty consistently for game testing and you really don't need the UI/qol things. The three mods I miss most are colored mood bars, wall lights, and deep storage. Everything else is just dressing.
Showing 1-20 of 325 entries