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I am Hell Sings, cheerio!

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Finest Hours

"A psychotic food-addicted sedentary vigilante with the mindset of a sarcastic 5 year old" ~ Description of Hell Sings, 2015

Hundkopf: Fuck you
That's is all douche'
HellSings: :>
Hundkopf: >:(
HellSings: :>>>
Hundkopf: Goat Momma Killer
HellSings: :>>>>>>>>>>

Hundkopf: Still hate you
Major Cocknut: Still love you
Hundkopf is now Online.
Hundkopf: Seriously, if there's another furry game in my library, I will hurt you you Cuck
Major Cocknut: :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hundkopf: :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gym Carry: Cunter Stroke: Glorified Offshoot

EA SPORTS: Well, judging by the 5+ pictures taken afterwards I would say you feel.... A R O U S E D

Cuck of Hazard: Well, we don't have those glorious donutry enclosures here in the fucking northern fuck-all-opinions place

Hell Sings: I'm not sure I would consider Rap and art...
Hell Sings: an(
Hell Sings: an*
Hell Sings: Brain
Hell Sings: Pls
Hell Sings: Work with me
ShekSavers: saying it lowers your iq
ShekSavers: or fingers
Hell Sings: It lowers
Hell Sings: F I N G E R S
Hell Sings: No wonder Michael Sauce uploaded that video
Hell Sings: Or VMichael
Hell Sings: Whatever his *&*)ing name is
ShekSavers: Vsauce
ShekSavers: cmon
ShekSavers: Where, are your fingers?
Hell Sings: Hey man, it's been a while, and i may or may not have had a bit too much ramen
Hell Sings: And I count at least, 2
Hell Sings: That's about as high as my IQ can go
ShekSavers: quite the ramen capacity
Hell Sings: Yez
Hell Sings: It's bonless too
ShekSavers: B O N E L E S S
Hell Sings: A Z Z I P

Empress Pyro: There's a certain guilty pleasure I have in GTA IV
Cage Match: I believe you're not the only one there. Many have that guilty pleasure as well.
Empress Pyro: It's going to hospitals and shooting them up.
Cage Match: Well...
Cage Match: Shit.
Cage Match: That took a turn I was not expecting.

Hell Sings: Let's put them on an island
Hell Sings: And drop a tsar bomb
UndeadArtix: Would be rather good to see.
UndeadArtix: "Echotale"
Hell Sings: Would make an awesome home movie
Hell Sings: Not THAT
Hell Sings: You basterd!
Hell Sings: Twisting my words!!

Hell Sings: Damned skeletons having more fun than us...
James: Punny, humerus skeletons
Hell Sings: You like pickin' the funny bones don't you?
James: Of course!
Hell Sings: Even then, you have no guts to say that to anybody.
James: Well done.
James: Link removed
Hell Sings: .... Gutless, and I bet they threw the part in the raveyard
Hell Sings: But how would I know? It's a no-brainer, to be honest
James: Everything is terrible.
Hell Sings: You're welcome. ~ 2016

Hell Sings: I did too, for science.
Nerd: Are you trying to make me look cute? What is the aim of this.
Hell Sings: If I were to make you cute I'd invoke R. 34. And I haven't done that yet now have I?
Nerd: True. And I sincerely hope you never do. ~ 2016

Nerd: When the server takeover is too strong.
Hell Sings: Only through brute force shall they know true peace. ~ 2016

Hell Sings: Connectus Interruptus strikes once more
Nerd: Sexcellent.
Hell Sings: I said strike
Hell Sings: Not thrust James ~ 2016

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The Wall of Infamy
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Nice fucking meme my guy
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Who da are you>
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: You Succ?
Gym Carry: What the hell is "succ"?
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: yoU SUCC
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: oN my PeePeE
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Who are you?
Gym Carry: I am me, you are?
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Why did you are
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: I mean why did you add me/
Gym Carry: Because I added you.
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Did jake put you up to this?
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Jake
Gym Carry: Who is Jake.
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: dude i sware to god
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Oh shit man
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: i was hoping you would say yes
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: damn
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: i dont know who he is
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: i made him up to see if you could lie
Gym Carry: So you're paranoid.
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Wrong 'your' cunt
Gym Carry: And on top of being paranoid, you're incompetent.
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: Nice one cunto
Gym Carry: It's spelled "cunt", imbecile.
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: YOu acTuli SpelT dE WrongE
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg: FucK oFf
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg is now Offline.
Gym Carry: You want me gone because you don't know how to speak?
Officer Bepis | tradeit.gg is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
Gym Carry: Spineless coward.

Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Once you're done being useless, first undo the plugs in your computer then take it to a full bath tub and dunk it.
Not McLovin': Are you telling me to commit suicide?
Not McLovin': Do you know that's a felony?
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: I did not tell you to place yourself in the tub.
Not McLovin': You're going to the slammer for a long time kid
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Only the computer.
Not McLovin': I am like
Not McLovin': TOTES triggered
Not McLovin': I WILL call the police
Not McLovin': like you said internetrality is repeeled like a ripe tomato
Not McLovin': you're going to jail
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: I was simply stating the facts.
Not McLovin': no you weren't
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: If facts hurt your feelings then you've made the worst decision in adding me.
Not McLovin': you were making heavy implications towards me that you want me to commit suicide
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Incorrect.
Not McLovin': but you're not STATING facts
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: I wanted you to damage your property.
Not McLovin': you're being so hateful
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Not yourself.
Not McLovin': and you're a nazi
Not McLovin': racist
Not McLovin': and mean
Not McLovin': and stupid
Not McLovin': and fake news
Not McLovin': that's you
Not McLovin': {{{{{{{{you}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Thank goodness I voted for the Repeal of Net Neutrality.
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Hopefully this is the last time I see you.
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Forever, at least.
Not McLovin': and here I was hoping we'd be the best of pals
Not McLovin': but then you had to go and be a mean jerky mcjerkwad and now I'm all sad
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: You've proven to be quite the opposite.
Not McLovin': see what you do?
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Yes.
Not McLovin': how am I even an enemy, bro
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: You said that, not me.
Not McLovin': it's not like I'm after your stupid steam login or whatever
Not McLovin': I got enough games I don't need yours
Not McLovin': THAT'S enemy behavior
Not McLovin': I'm just barking nonsense at you. That's life
Not McLovin': i am teen
Not McLovin': memes
Not McLovin': go to bed
Not McLovin': really you should go to bed though it's very late
Not McLovin': got a big day tomorrow, randy
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Tomorrow is a big day. It'll be a day where I don't have to read your incoherent nonsense.
Not McLovin': seriously how can nonsense be aggrivating
Not McLovin': tell me in 3 sentences or more
Not McLovin': In a well thought out paragraph
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Which one, three sentences or a paragraph.
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Be specific.
Not McLovin': yeah that one
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: One, I barely remember you and I do not quite care about you. Secondly, your nonsense is not entertaining nor insightful, it is mindless clutter that needs to be vacated. Thridly, you're acting very childishly.
Not McLovin': 1. I come in peace.
Not McLovin': 2. since when does NONsense need to be entertaining OR insightful
Not McLovin': that's kind of an oxymoron right there
Not McLovin': and 3.
Not McLovin': what's wrong with indulging the younger side of one's self
Not McLovin': IN FACT
Not McLovin': being able to do so is a bigger sign of maturity than say
Not McLovin': a 9 to 5 job
Not McLovin': also you're playing a game populated primarily by autistic 9-year-olds
Not McLovin': so, you know, who's the REAL child here?
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: Your previous statement answers your question.
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: If it's not clear enough, find a mirror.
Not McLovin': uh
Not McLovin': you're the one with green text man
Not McLovin': that indicates youre current playing the game
Not McLovin': I'm blue as in not in a game
Not McLovin': so ha ha nyeh nyeh I win
Not McLovin': forever
Not McLovin': oh hey I have one last question
Not McLovin': What object does the shape of Italy represent?
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: It is a continent, therefore its' shape does not represent anything.
Not McLovin': FUCK
Not McLovin': YOU
Oppressive Christmas Ornament: That would be in my best interest.
Not McLovin' is now Offline.
Hell Sings Jun 3 @ 8:30pm 
You're welcome sir.
Thot-kopf Jun 3 @ 8:30pm 
Gave me Shark Dating Simulator XL, am now wanting to hang myself
MSI dragon 🐉 May 6 @ 1:40am 
Hell Sings May 6 @ 1:38am 
MSI dragon 🐉 May 5 @ 9:11pm 
Good joke

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