Fabled Sentient
Branden   United States
A travelling French Minstrel, with a banjo strapped to her person, sought to be accepted. She found a Tavern with no music, and quiet patrons. The Tavernkeep expected a less than worthy Bard, one he would throw out almost in a quick instance. She made her way to the stage, and sat on the only stool provided. The Tavern went silent as the patrons looked to the stage, shooting all manner of looks towards her. Taking a deep breath, she removed the banjo from her back and started her muse. A few moments went by after her song. The Tavern remained silent, she gazed at everyone in front of her, not knowing what would happen next. By her surprise, the room filled with applause.

You can only be the person you see. But, amongst that flesh, and heavy stride, there's someone hidden inside.
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