Pete McLennon   Chicago, Illinois, United States
I've worked as a game developer (artist/designer) for 20 years on every manner of game for just about every platform since Sega 32X, Playstation, and N64 were new systems. Before that I was an avid gamer raised on Pong, Atari, Arcades, and epic sessions of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns with all my like minded nerd friends. Being an adult and raising kids has forced my gaming habits into the "casual" arena since quitting World of Warcraft. This is why I haven't even played probably half of my games library yet. I am admittedly an anti-social online gamer reluctant to have to play with strangers. My personal gaming tastes mostly veer in the direction of strategy based and or epic sandbox RPG type games, and story based FPS games like Portal, Half-Life, or the new Tomb Raider, and any Travellers Tales made Lego game because they are awesome, even if my coworkers make fun of me for not playing "grown up" games. Perhaps I will appease them by running through Skyrim again, this time with all the DLC for a new experience.
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