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-Starting with the Positive-
The Supercruise space travel: The visuals are utterly beautiful. The galaxy is a massive and accurate recreation of the real thing.

And thats it for the positives....

Absolutely everything else about this game.

The Combat: slow paced and beyond boring. It was fun for a day or so, then it’s simply slow and extremely unsatisfying.

Trading/Mining: The Economic system is indeed vast and "alive"..... But this is not a new feature to games, and many others have done it hundreds of times better.

Exploring: There is nothing to explore. Sure you can fly around and look at the Stars and Planets...... And thats it... There are NO other life forms in this galaxy other then humans, which only make up maybe 1% of the explorable galaxy the rest is completely devoid of life. You can not actually "do" anything while exploreing. This feature is being made more indepth, to include the ability to actually land on planets, but thats going to be a Stand alone game..... for another 60$..... Called Elite: Dangerous Horizons.

This game has so much potential, and an excellent foundation. But never the less this game is NOT worth 60$, it’s not worth your time. Good graphics DO NOT make a good game. And To top it all off, instead of updateing this game and adding the features that should have already been in it, they're releaseing a second game.

Seriously guys, Just cross your fingers and wait for Star Citizen.
Posted August 13, 2015.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries