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mamie_tipiak/twitch Sep 17 @ 4:44am 
- rep camp tunnel and streamsnipe
WHOCARES Sep 17 @ 3:29am 
Camp more in the basement you talented nurse :steamsalty:player
Dag Sep 17 @ 3:06am 
-rep tunneling/camping pos! noob killer in DBD!
[63e] Tompig Sep 15 @ 11:22am 
@Fleury Michon My opinion is that I take joy from the game in completing my objecives in the quickest and most efficent way possible, I have no interest in the experience of the enemy team in a player vs player environment, in the same manner I play Quake or Counter-Strike employing any tactic required to win providing they are within the rules of the game (i.e not hacking).
Fleury Michon Sep 15 @ 9:43am 
I get your point, but you're comparing a game with a movie. A movie, especially this kind of movie, is supposed to scare or thrill people. A game is still a game even if it is an horror game. Both parties should enjoy playing it, no matter what; and it is possible for this game to be enjoyable for both parties. I think a killer get the most pleasure knowing the game is fun for all the players, but that's my opinion. I just wanted to hear about yours. Cheers.
Indy_one Sep 14 @ 9:04am 
-rep tunneling and camping nurse