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For group invites, leave me a comment on my profile and make sure your inventory is set to public.

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A complete guide to the Two City Mann Vs. Machine Co-op (MvM).
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Hello, Sorry to bother and i know that you want all related Ban appeals in the , but it's been like 3 months and yet you haven't responded to me in the ban appeal
Carnage ápr. 15., 9:11 
@SeriouslyStupid, you can make a user report on and provide your evidence there. A mod can guide you through anything additional once you have opened the report.
SeriouslyStupid ápr. 14., 15:06 
hi could you help me with a report for steamrep?
Faux S> Frostbite BOA márc. 13., 7:40 
What are you playing these days?
Carnage márc. 12., 20:06 
Sorry, I very very rarely play mvm now.
Faux S> Frostbite BOA márc. 9., 7:42 
Hey, remember me? Do you still play MVM anymore? I just got back into it after like 2-3 years of not playing any computer games. Your guide is really helping me get back to being good at Two Cities again!