Daniel   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
22:45 - SlaYeR!: dan is the bestest at everything, im a fucking twat bag

01:22 - Mr Bill Dauterive: I have a sausage in my bum

Dan: gomxi?
Dan: mix]
warmachinehorzion: earn to spell but yes

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MoodymaN 6 gen 2013, ore 9:01 
your offline on steam
Leeuw 1 ott 2012, ore 8:40 
You can send the code to hansvanderlaan@orange.fr. Thanks for the chance to win Ruse :)
piero_tasso 23 set 2012, ore 2:58 
thank you, I dreamt a lot about CiM :) (I'll have to re-balance the karma, now)
vic 14 set 2012, ore 20:18 
thanks for the gift :) appreciate it
Adamoto 2 lug 2011, ore 16:01 
thanks for ticket
James 19 dic 2010, ore 3:29 
Mardy dan, mardy dan, does whatever a mardy dan can