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Pencey Sep 28, 2021 @ 5:29pm 
@mtsk1600 I haven't done any modding since this Spring, but I still have the SDK installed. Just sent ya a message.
mtsk1600 Sep 14, 2021 @ 7:47pm 
Hey Pencey, do you still do xcom 2 mods? looking for something specifc, for the life of me i think it should be pretty simple but cant figure it out. wondering if you do commissions?
Pencey Jan 22, 2021 @ 6:42am 
Hey Luckmann! Glad you've been playing the mod.

The Demon and Ice King talent text references the same string, with either [fire] or [water] subbed in. The only reason it's not noticeable in the vanilla game is because they do the same thing. So, unfortunately, those talents had to reference one another.

I believe the restored physical and magical armor happens so that weapon effects and non-damaging CC spells like Charm and Chicken Touch will always grant a save. At 0 Armor, no save is made--you'll see this with damaging spells that immediately apply an effect--but this quick regen is meant to make '0 armor' only a temporary window. There is an option to disable it, though, at the 'options hookah' found in the Fort Joy Arena or Lady Vengeance Hold.
Krigsprästen Jan 17, 2021 @ 3:28am 
Hi, regarding your Saving Throws mod for D:OS2 (comments are locked on the Nexus and you can't comment in the workshop unless you own the game on Steam), I found an oversight and a strangeness; first, the description for Guerilla does not mention the -1 AP to Sneak that it was given in Definitive Edition, and two, the descriptions for Demon and Ice King references each other for no reason, whereas all other descriptions are self-referencing only, so it stands out as an oddity.

Also, I was wondering if there's a way to turn off the way enemies keep being given 1 Physical and 1 Magic Armor, even right after an attack. I am perfectly fine with putting enemies at 0 Armor bypassing the Saving Throw system entirely - if you have no defense, you get not chance to defend. Instead, I'd like for there to be an armor-regenerative effect whenever someone ends their turn, restoring ~10% Physical and Magical Armor, for everyone.

No idea if that could be reasonably done.
Jeido Oct 22, 2020 @ 2:44pm 
Hi, sorry for intruding here.I was wondering if you could make ABST available in GM Mode? I think you only checked the Story and Arena boxes, so the mod won't appear in the GM Mode modlist, but I'd love to use it for a campaign I am preparing.
Pencey Jun 12, 2020 @ 8:40am 
@Mera Will do! Thanks for the reminder.