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i aM h E n t A i Jul 24 @ 11:31pm 
listen, i didn't join the japanese culture club for you to sit here and call me "bruh".
For your information, it's onii-chan you uncultured baka.
someday i'm going to show you how strong we japanese culture club members are when gundams are finally invented and i alone am chosen to pilot them. Yes, that is i, wing zero x24
the pilot of the best gundam that ever existed and dont deny it because he was really hot and his voice was so sugoi. everyone knows that being a gundam pilot and defending the universe from tentacle beasts from space to save all of the lolis on our beautiful planet is the most important aspect of any pre-teen's up and coming life.
thank you for your time civillian and i'll see u on the flip side.
- a weeb
LT. Dingle Dindu May 23, 2018 @ 6:10pm