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Update, it seems that they have patched the unable to purchase anything but. I appears not to be pay to win. And it seems quite fun so far. Give it a go. I also got a quick response from a Dev to my problem.

{ So it's promising. But the fact that there seems to be a game breaking bug where everything costs -1 credit to buy so you can't unlock anything makes it pointless to me. Will change review when it gets fixed. Otherwise seems like a nice slow paced tactical space shooter.}
Posted October 15, 2018. Last edited October 15, 2018.
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A developer has responded on Oct 15, 2018 @ 2:03pm (view response)
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I've wanted to try this since launch. I stayed away because of the price tag and the very bad reviews. Just picked it up on sale for $30. Well worth it! It seems they have fixed whatever was wrong and the review are improving now. Its well worth the sale price, I would probably say it is nearly worth the full price (I would say $50, but I would pay $60 is ok having played it)

You can truly play it however you like. Be a pirate, be a farmer, be an explorer, be the hero, be a trader, be a collecter of starships, be all of them. There is a story line that helps you get started then continues on into the stars. It gives you the option after a while to just free play or continue along the story line. Even if you keep the story line you are free to work on it whenever you like, just go and do what you want.
Posted August 5, 2018.
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Early Access Review
I'm not much into the Battle Royal craze. I love Paladins, I like Smite and find Hi-Rez to have fair play and a great price policy.

So I gave this a try. What a nice surprise. Very good already for an Alpha game. Sure a few bugs here or there but I haven't found any gamebreaking ones yet. The gameplay is fun and will accomidate anyone's style. Several classes to choose from, tons of loot, the ability to craft items all add depth to this game.

Play in pairs or parties of 4, better with a mic but not the end of the world if you don't have one.

Free, fun, and worth the download. I have not worries this game will be epic. I also have no worries about this game ever becoming pay to win since I'm familiar with other games from Hi Rez.

Give it a go!
Posted June 8, 2018.
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Good game, worth it at the sale price. I'm glad I didn't pay full price.

This game is quit fun. Open world...ish. Lots of skills and weapons to choose from.

Picked it up on sale so this is an early review, but wanted to give it a thumbs up before the sale ended.

Nice graphics
Open world
Choices you make effect how the game plays
Lots of items to gather
Blends magic and tech in an interesting story line
Good story so far

Combat system is awkward at best. It is what makes me glad I didn't pay full price. I had to turn the combat difficulty down....I can't remember the last time I turned down difficulty in a game.

Your character is set you can't make your own.

Slow to start, getting gear and upgrades takes time.

No scaling enemy difficulty, meaning yes open world, but if you wander to far you will die in one hit. You can find other paths usually, but save often you will die often. Early exploration is more often rewarded with a grusom death than anything useful.

Looting and opening containers is awkward..you have to sheath your weapon to do so, and with your weapon out items won't even highlight to let you know you can get them.

None of the cons are game breaking, the difficulty setting are very customizable. If your buying it for the action combat wait till you can get it cheap. Overall the game flow is a little slow at first and very story driven, but this doesn't feel wrong. Every time I close the game to go play something else I change my mind and go right back to it.
Posted April 5, 2018.
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This is an early review since the game is on sale.

First and foremost this is a flight simulator..in space. It achieves this very well.
You are in a cockpit view from your ship, you fight, dock, mine and navigate from this view.

Everything is done manually. Want to dock? Approach station, open com and request permission. Approach landing pad. Deploy landing gear. Line up with the landing pad. Gently drop your ship onto the pad and request that they bring you into the docking bay. Do the reverse to launch again.

Want to mine? Find an asteroid, deploy your hardpoint mining lasers. Aproach and fire the lasers until you knock a chunk off. Deploy cargo scoop. Chase down the chunk and line it up with your cockpit scoop camera and scoop it up, rinse and repeat.

Just an idea of the basics that you need to master to play the game. This is not a bad thing at all, it may just not be for everyone. You need to spend a bit of time doing the tutorials and watching a few videos. If you don't do this you may have a hard time getting going. Please do the tutorials and watch the 2-3 reccomended videos before you make a review and don't bash the game cause it's not what you expected.

There are some cosmetic micro transactions. Again not a big dead. They provide a server with no monthly fee so it may cost you a couple of bucks if you want to paint your ship, but this does not effect anything but how it looks.

Overall the game seems to run fine and smooth. Once I got through the tutorials I started running missions and practicing docking and launching and navigating from sytem to system. I am enjoying it so far even though I have always been flight challenged in games. I'm using keyboard and mouse though the game supports gamepads and joysticks as well.

If you enjoy space games or flight sims, give it a go. Especially worth it on sale!
Posted December 31, 2017.
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I got this gem free! What an amazing game. Simple but addictive. Lovely music, different gameplay, amazing detail with the simple graphics. Who knew you could have so much fun with just 3 keys! I would have bought it sooner had I known about it. I've already added the second one to my shopping cart! Worth it!
Posted December 20, 2017.
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It's still early in my adventure, but here is what i think so far. Worth the price, I got the middle version, delux for the pet/mount which help. But I also now have half a dozen mounts and several pets so it's not needed.

The good:

A good solid ARPG.
Lots of quests, fairly easy to level up.
Dual classes, you can pick a second class about lvl 12ish (when you finish the intial quest line)
Player housing that is shared across the account.
Tons of skills to mix and match to your liking.
A variety of trade skills including fishing.
Pleanty of loot to gear your toon with.

The bad:

Movement is slow, even mounted. The main big city is huge and it takes a while to get from place to place.
My mount gets stuck on steps in the city and I have to dismount and remount to keep going.
A few bugs here and there, crashed a couple of times, but not game breaking.
No real voice acting. No big deal if you are not someone who reads/listens to quests.

The indifferent:

I had to turn the music off.
Only male dwarves. I like playing dwarves and would like females.
The female only race is the typical cutie knock kneed child that looks like she couldn't kill a butterfly.
Male avatars in light armor have more skin coverage than females in heavy armor.

Overall well worth it if you like the ARPG genra. The few bugs are just an mild annoyance. Give a go if you like Diablo/Path of Exile style games as this one has some depth to it.
Posted November 28, 2017.
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Early Access Review
Just got this on sale. Only making an early review since it is on sale and would urge people who like craft type games to try it.

So far....entered the world started on a steep slope and slid into some monster... Take two! Spawned into a village! Stole a sword off the wall and wandered around. A nice village lady told me about a local temple and I proceeded to plunder it for tons of building materials. Leanred to create different blocks by combining elements...hence alchemy. Harvested wind, fire, and energy. Built a golem out of ruby blocks and brought it to life. Tamed a wolf and rode it around....after I jumped off it, it attacked a rhino...no more wolf.

First hour was great! No bugs so far. Crafting basically consits of building a shape from materials then using a tool to make it useful. I can't wait to make more creatures and bring them to life. Try to tame more things in the world. For early access it's quite far along. My only dislike so far is that combat is clunky...and seems to not have a lot of use other than self defense. No experience, sometimes they drop some materials. But that doesn't bother me too much, the game seems to have a lot to do!...oh and no arrows! For me that's a plus, I hate running out of arrows.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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Early Access Review
EDITED: Can't play a single round without hackers now, not recommended until they fix this, will readjust recommendation if it gets fixed.

Early Access Review:

Overall a decent free to play FPS. Here's my pros/cons so far. There is no neutral choice so I will recommend it, but it's close.


Good graphics and music
No crashes so far
Permanant weapons once you buy
Not Pay to Win
Variety of game modes and a handful of maps to play on
Classes to help customize how you play (only in one game mode)
Reasonable free player progression
Playable on my slower connection without too much lag

Hackers...and more hackers. Folks ending game modes by blowing up the entire map in 10 seconds.
No in game way to report hackers (do they care?)
Classes only suported in one game mode.
Weapons not customizable. They have default attachments that you can use or not - silencers/laser sights

I feel it is a decent free to play game that is not Pay to Win. If they can get the hacker problem under control it might be worth investing a little money in for preaty guns and characters.
Posted August 9, 2017. Last edited August 9, 2017.
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Early Access Review
This is an enjoyable game. Most of the down votes are because the game has changed over development...well...that's how development works. There used to be a research type progression that has been removed and replaced with a crate loot and forge system. If you have not played it before you won't know the difference. Here is how I feel about it.

Not pay to win. You can get premium membership which allowes faster leveling, extra crate loot, more paint colors, and more crates overall. I just play for a week or two for free then pay for 1 day of premium so I can sell my stuff at top dollar. One day of premium is a buck. Even if you are premium you just get stuff faster. Anyone can get anything from the crates. Second crate I opened had an epic gun in it and I pounded people with it for quite a while at lower levels.

Matchmaking is very even. Player enemies will get harder as you level up. Ranked matches the players within a few points of each other. It's not perfect but it's good.

Any items you want you can forge when you get enough in game cash if you don't get what you want from crates. You get in game cash from crates after matches, recycling parts (premium get much better recycling prices so that's why I do it once every week or two), and selling your bot designes.

Robot design is fun. If building stuff is not your thing, don't let that stop you. There are tons of player made bots to choose from some that are fairly cheap. There are tons of parts and weapons and movement types to choose from.

Several game types. TDM, a Domination like mode, practice with AI, a brawl that changes the mode frequently, and you can make your own custom games with friends.

There are limited maps at the moment, but they are well balanced. Both teams seem to be able to get to the objectives at the same time.

Overall worth trying out. It's free. Not pay to win, just pay to get things done faster.
Posted June 4, 2017.
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