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Sep 11 @ 9:48pm
In topic Who else likes the music?
I enjoy it.

And you can too. :)
Aug 29 @ 3:22pm
In topic [WIP] Lorem EX Mod
You mean something after the credits?
Aug 23 @ 2:42pm
In topic [WIP] Lorem EX Mod
Well, Reza's attacks are pretty much random to a degree, but I try to keep him from picking the same thing too often.

Also, failing the battle too much, and the system will eventually offer to let you have 125HP instead of 100HP to make things easier. (You can accept or reject the offering.) That's why you don't need to cheat the Reza battle because there are infinity chances given for you to win against him.
It seems like Marin isn't giving a discount on materials used.

Hatchet still cost 5 wood, 5 weapon parts.
Aug 20 @ 4:05pm
In topic [WIP] Lorem EX Mod
Cool. Hope you didn't cheat at the Reza battle. :D

I mean it's a fair fight and all... and it's okay to lose.
When someone finds that you left a door open, they close it, but then they just.... stand still and shake... OR they will climb some stairs or a ladder, going back on their route after closing a door and then bug out.

The only way to snap them out of it is to come out of hiding and let them see you. Game over.

This has existed for nearly a year or more.
Aug 16 @ 10:53am
In topic [WIP] Lorem EX Mod
If you have it installed right, just play Lorem's 2nd scene to begin.
Aug 12 @ 3:18pm
In topic Purple hat in Xen
I don't see how you could carry the hat while being chased by Gonarch though.
I got the car parts, but I can't get any fuel if the station never appears. Is there a set day when it does appear?
Aug 10 @ 5:54pm
In topic So, is the new story broken?
If so, I'll wait for a patch or two before trying it out.
Aug 5 @ 1:10am
In topic Gonarch suggestion
Is there anyway we can get the ability to stun the Gonarch during some of these chasing parts to give us more time to get away?

Also, we need some kind of communication as to WHY we can't kill the Gonarch during some of the chase sections. It makes no sense for it to be able to just instant kill us one section, but then only swipe and damage us in another section.

I think this developer commentary from HL2:EP2 says something:
Aug 4 @ 2:30pm
In topic Water barnacles?
Pistol doesn't fire underwater.

Tried crossbow underwater. Pistol above water. Nah.

The bees is what did the job.
Aug 4 @ 2:05pm
In topic Water barnacles?
How do you kill these things in the water? It's like the only way to do so is to get caught by one and then try to bash it with a crowbar. Tried explosives but they do nothing against them in the water.

How are we expected to kill them?
The first time I encountered Gonarch, it was a challenge but was able to get it down and chased after it. From there, it became stalking the Gonarch, and then it stalking us through the caves. The problem is, I had no idea whether I could even shoot it and whether that even did anything.

It's like the antlion guardian chase from Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

When Valve had playtesters outrunning it, people would keep shooting their weapons on it and use up all their ammo. They had to make the Vortigaunt tell players NOT to shoot the guardian because it wasn't possible to kill it.

And then there's the actual chase parts.

When being chased, it needs to be communicated on where the player needs to go. Like the antlion caves in Episode 2, the tunnels are dark blue, but the safe hiding places to duck into were yellow and stood out.

In this, a lot of stuff just looks the same. One area had me blow up some rocks/crystals, the Gonarch barges in, I run into the new area and... I am just running circles trying to figure out where to go..... and dead. I didn't even see the path between two crystals because, well, there's crystals and rocks EVERYWHERE.

Also, the Gonarch shouldn't be able to just run through rocks like they are styrofoam blocks. There needs to be points where it gets held up having to smash stuff, to give us a chance to gain some distance from it.

When I was being chased, I didn't even see the breakable webbing in front of me the first time. So that was a fun few deaths having to spam my guns while bunny hopping. Even then, still couldn't outrun it and avoid any damage.

Hopefully some good changes come soon.
Originally posted by McGooTheWise:
Basically, first time through people don't know where to go or how to get through certain obstacles. That's not good. Maybe nerfing Gonarch will help, but I don't know that it will lessen the pressure that much that first timers will know what they're supposed to do without the game just beating the hell out of them.

When the player knows why they died and how to prevent it, that's good design. When the player doesn't know why they died and feels like the game is persecuting them for not having advanced knowledge of a level they haven't played... well...

Yeah, I had those issues going through the new areas. It was unclear at times on where I was suppose to go, especially when being chased by Gonarch. This resulted in getting whacked off cliffs or cornered and bashed into the air to death.

I really hated the part where not only did I have to run and mash space bar, but also shoot webs that block and possibly slow me down??? Game over.
Oh wait, now it finally happens. This final fight is just buggy. It only triggers when it feels like it.

And shooting the webs IS annoying when being chased by a spider that is not delayed. Because you can't see them til they are close enough. The spider needs to be delayed at a few points to give the player some kinda chance to escape.
Yeah. What do I do once its just standing on the webbing throwing green stuff???
I am seriously losing my mind on the "RUN AWAY from it" parts. I cannot outrun it at all, and then it swipes me and I just go flying with no recourse. Eventually it beats me to death or I get tossed off a cliff side. I eventually do get past the part but usually by the thing hitting me into the cave/hole/etc.

I feel it isn't clear whether we SHOULD be shooting it or not. It just moves way too fast. I know you guys are kinda doing the HL2: Episode 2 thing but it needs a little toned down.
Aug 2 @ 11:36am
In topic Possible fatal flaw?
Then how did you do it? Because I saw no other option other than a rocket.
Aug 2 @ 11:23am
In topic Possible fatal flaw?
Yes? I mean, how else are you suppose to shoot them?
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