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Who am I ? Part 1
Hello there.
If you are reading this, you must be interested to know more about me.
Well, here it is, story of my life (at least a part of it related to gaming with some personal stuff for all of this to make sense).

My name is Milan, and I was born in mid 1980's in Yugoslavia, probably the best age I ever lived, and I'm not saying this just because I was a kid back than, but really, there was something about that age that will never happen again, everything started to change, "technology" was available to all at every step, amazing movies, music, fashion, lifestyle, social life was very different some 25-30 years ago than it is now in 2019.
Maybe its worth mentioning that I had pretty happy childhood, my family was kind of wealthy, not in a way Bill Gates is, but most of the time I had what I wanted and when I wanted it.
That must be one of the reasons I always had many friends, and enemies...

But lets get to the point where my life connected with video games for the very first time.
It was meant to be on the same day when I started to go to school (first grade, I was 7 years old) and on my way home, very near where I lived , there was this massive garage with big double wooden doors, more like a gate, and they were wide open. It was crowded with people, most of them were far older than I was, but my fear was overwhelmed by my curiosity, and I went inside to see what were they doing. And when I went in, I saw for the very first time in person,
Arcade Machines!
I was amazed by the sounds coming out of many different Arcades, and they were stacked in a long row, there were also Pinball tables, Billiard Table and some other entertainment machines.
I was impressed by all of it, eternally drawn into the magic of the unknown.
But I couldn't reach to play because I was small, and Arcade required for you to stand and play, move the stick and smash the buttons while closely staring at huge monitor. But the problem was later on fixed, when shop owner brought modified "bar chair" so I could sit and play, and that's how it all started I guess. Cant really remember what were some first games I played, but I enjoyed them all, and spent many coins trying to beat them.
Many of my friends never knew about any other Arcade Room, but for me, it was different.
My father used to travel a lot bcs of his work, and I got to see and visit many places, and wherever I went, I was always looking for some kind of Arcade Room, and here and there, I would be able to find it, and that's how I started discovering new games, my mind expanded, and when I was back at home, I was telling stories to my friends about games they never even heard of, they were always playing the same games in our local Arcade Room.
Shop owner quickly figured out that I was some kind of "expert" for video games, and was asking me about the names of those games, and soon after that, he started bringing new "programs" (that's how we used to call it, it was like huge motherboard for computer, and it would fit inside the Arcade Machine, magically changing what game will now be displayed on the screen, later on, consoles came with cartridges,and everything changed forever, but I will get to that later).
Anyway, other than playing and discovering video games, my most memorable moments were when I was watching shop owner and how he was changing the game/programme, to be able to see how Arcade Machine looked inside it was something special for me. To see where my coin goes when I put it in, and how he collects them. Also, I had privilege to test every new game that came to our local Arcade Room, as soon as it was set up, I would play it, for free for the first few tries, shop owner was always nice to me, but I was also regular customer.
But, as we all now know from our life experience, nothing last forever, especially good things.
When I finished second grade, my father had to change the place where he was working, so we moved out, I parted my way with all my childhood friends, the streets I grew up on, and played for the last time in that very first Arcade Room that changed my life, or set it on specific course.
I have to say that up until this day, more than 2 decades later, I still have strong memories about that place, even tho it is now long gone, as well with the golden age of the Arcades, those early memories of my childhood still define me who I am today, a Gamer.

This next few sentences may not be really related to gaming, but I will mention them anyway.
Early and mid 1990's in a country I was living back than were marked by huge civil war.
As a kid, living in Serbia, that was part of Yugoslavia at that time, everything seemed normal, but things were changing, and I can not even imagine how many childhoods of my friends and other kids in other countries that were part of Yugoslavia were ruined, widespread of poverty, sanctions, stupid politics constantly on TV (we had very few TV channels in the early 1990's and they were saturated with horrible scenes about war and our own country falling apart, sad times...)

But on the other hand, as the golden age of Arcade rooms/machines was ending, consoles slowly started to take over their place. In some mid 1990's, I got my first console called "Rambo" (some form of Atari clone), I still remember when my parents bought me, and I couldn't wait to get home and play it.
It was really strange feeling when it was finally set up, plugged into the TV, with countless games to choose from, it was like I had my own Arcade Room. Some time after that, even more better consoles came up, Sega Mega Drive with cartridges (Mortal Kombat was the game that everyone was playing back than) Nintendo console, and many others, I personally had some version called "Terminator" (a hardware clone of the Nintendo Famicom) as well as majority of my friends.
It was cheap, graphics were good, and we had plenty of cartridges to switch between us.
Sega mega drive was to expensive at that time, or our parents thought all consoles are the same.
I think they were not able to understand what exactly attracted all of us to sit in front of TV and play for hours, but when I think about it now, they probably thought it was better than to watch news and listen and learn about horrors of war and vanishing of a once great country they grew up in.

And just like that , the 1990's were over. But not before another war happened, and this time it happened in Serbia, not in some far away country, but in the places we lived, NATO was dropping bombs on us for 3 months for some stupid politic reasons. Again, many lives were ruined and lost, but it was soon over. It was 1999, the last year of the 20th century, and my friends and I were blasting away games on our cheap consoles, never even imagining that 21st century will blast us away and forever change everything in our lives, especially the gaming part.

It is early 2000's now, a whole new century has started.
I was around 15 years old, I manage to accumulate a lot of experience, but nothing could have prepared me for what was coming next.

It started slowly, inconspicuously, but for the first time I learned about mobile phone.
I think I heard they existed, but never really had any thoughts about them, until one of my friends showed me what it can do, and once again, I was impressed and amazed by this new piece of technology and not before mid 2000's I had my very first cell phone, Nokia 3310 where I played "Space Impact" and "Snake" most of the time, there was not much else you could do on it except texting and calling. To be honest, looking back now, I never could have imagined that those types of devices would evolve up to this point, but they did.

With the start of 21st century, not only mobile/cell phones came into existence, primitive forms of PC (Personal Computers) showed up, and at the beginning very few of my friends had them.
Honestly, I was not impressed by them at that time...
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