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Too much information will kill you one day! :csgoskull:

Don't give away too much information about yourself:

Restricting what others can find out about you online:

Reduces the risk of identity theft
Reduces the risk of property theft
Prevents other people finding out things about your social life that you'd rather keep discreet

On social networks e.g. Facebook:

Use the privacy settings to restrict how much data others can see, especially people who aren't already your friends in the physical world (e.g. see .

Don't post compromising photos of yourself or of your friends. Prospective employers use Facebook too.

If someone else tags you in a photo, have a look at it and remove the tag if you don't want others to know you're in it. (Or ask your friend to remove the photo itself.)

Contributions on discussion boards are often saved and can be read a long time after they've been made. An ill-advised comment may come back to haunt you!

Tell people only the bare essentials in your out-of-office emails. Use a vague statement like "I will be unable to respond to emails until the 20th" rather than "Off on holiday till the 20th" (which implies the house is empty!)
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