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Watch your thoughts; they become words.Watch your words; they become actions.Watch your actions; they become habits.Watch your habits; they become character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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Killing Floor 2
Mr Slumbag Dec 6 @ 3:41pm 
i did message you back bro
SolidShark Sep 29 @ 7:26am 
Ha! Cheers mate!
Dylan Sep 2 @ 1:04pm 
I will try and get on some time this week
Dylan Aug 22 @ 11:57pm 
Hey, I haven't been on either. I just haven't been in the mood for POE. I will be on at some point.
SolidShark Jun 24 @ 9:22pm 
planning on doing killing floor 2 streams mate, feel free to join us.
SolidShark Jun 14 @ 6:49pm 
Welcome back mate please check your comment section whats with all these links?
Coming back on KF2?