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I would pre-order if i could afford to just now, but I cant, so I will buy when it comes back to steam - next Black Friday
Jan 28 @ 1:22pm
In topic Metro Exodus PC Store Announcement
Originally posted by FehiŸ:
Oof, well, thank you anyway for saving my money :B1::ss13ok:
First Division 2, now I'm not going buy this ( I didn't plan it but still ) :D

I just bought Division 2 on uPlay like I do all their games, all Steam does is launch uPlay anyway.
Jan 28 @ 1:10pm
In topic Metro Exodus PC Store Announcement
Originally posted by Ashran:
And the boxed edition will require steam or Epic store? :steamfacepalm:
Epic Store Im afraid
For a few more hours. Sorry am bitter, I can admit that, I was intending on buying on steam, but being disabled I have to save for a while before buying a game, and this sudden ultimatum means I need to wait a year or more.
As Title
@bobek90. Is Aurora a Physical copy retailer? Cos if So your copy will redeem through Epic
They postpone me on Steam to 2020, I'll postpone my purchase on Steam, to Black Friday 2020!
Jan 28 @ 12:08pm
In topic No Pre-orders?
This is a little worrying to me. I just hope your not p[lanning on doing a Metro and going on an Exodus to Epic Game Store. /End Sarcasm

Seriously though if I could preorder I most likely would, depending on price being charged. Being Disabled I'm on limited funds, so have to watch what I spend carefully.
I'm Disabled, I don't have the funds to buy on Steam nowish. I'm not buying on Epic. Guess its PS4 or Steam once it comes back, but cos they make me wait to buy on steam I'll make them wait for my money - Till Black Friday.
Jan 28 @ 11:00am
In topic Upgrading Cult Members
I had meant could we choose gender of Prophet?

I am planning on getting this but can i ask this ?
Jan 28 @ 9:59am
In topic Metro Exodus PC Store Announcement
I'm Disabled, I was going to buy this once i had saved up for it, but that will now be sometime next year and there is a high possibility I will likely wait till a sale - say Black Friday. The Epic Store is problematic, I have a Pre-order on there the store says I own it, the Library shows no trace of it. I doubt I will be buying anything else from there.
I'm Disabled, I don't have the funds spare to buy a game of this price without saving for a couple of months at least. Moving to a new platform that is terrible to use, is awful with pre-orders, (currently i don't know if a game i pre-ordered there is actually in my library till release at some unknown point in next 24 hours) And as such It looks like i will likely get this on PS4 next Black Friday, If at all.
Its due to the fact they get a higher split of funds on Epic, Steam is 70/30 and Epic is apparently 82/18
Jan 28 @ 9:17am
In topic Who else is excited?
Hopefully this will join such gems( in my opinion) as the Original Syndicate and Satellite Reign.
Forming your own cult seems like a more permanent verrsion of using the persuadertron to turn every living person from Civilians, topo cops, to agents to your side.
Jan 28 @ 9:14am
In topic Upgrading Cult Members
So Its a Structured upgrade, was just curious if i could make a cult completely of Women, or completely of men but with different weapons/ outfit designs.

Also can we choose out characters Gender?
Jan 27 @ 6:56pm
In topic Upgrading Cult Members
When you upgrade a converted Citizen, do you have a predesigned upgrade chain, or can you change out clothing styles and upgrade weapons/body parts for your own choice/selection from a group?
Jan 27 @ 6:49pm
In topic Price?
So its going to be $20 reduced to $18 for first 2 weeks on release. What about UK £GBP and other countried please dont do the straight number change ie £20 reduced to £18, as that is NOT an equivalent Price.

At this moment according to

$20 = £15.1602
$18 = £13.6442

$20 = 17.5260
$18 = 15.7734
Jan 27 @ 6:43pm
In topic Wishlist Quest
Done it already :)
As a new player THIS SUCKS! 4 hours of fighting to under stand controls and narrowly surviving one disaster after another to find that without realising I have bugged the game and need to delete all the ...."£$$%£%$ progress I've made so far. Not Impressed, If I was within the 2 hour Window this would be a refund. I know its early access but comon at least get your tutorial working bug free. As it stands I'm not sure I'm going to bother trying to play it all again. Also Tempted to tell my friend to Refund his copy without installing.
Jan 7 @ 11:55am
In topic Cannot find additional crew members
Thankyou, I've spent about 3 hours trying to find which station i spoke to them in, as I was under the impression they would wait there for me.
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