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Mar 28 @ 8:28pm
In topic I dont know how to do local PC co op,
Game needs steam for Multiplayer, easiest way is one person be in game, and other person right click their Steam name and select join game, This should start Gen0 and then join the game so you can play together. However, always best for the person with less progress to host, otherwise clients will not store safehouses unlocked and quests completed.
Mar 28 @ 8:24pm
In topic ssibal..fu#k
More information is needed to be able to give any help, My game is butter smooth. At a minimum Processor, Ram and Video Card model would be needed.
Mar 28 @ 2:55am
In topic I have the solution
Good Luck with the Epic Venture, I hope it works out for you, I'll be waiting here at Steam to buy when you release here. Same as I'm Waiting For Metro Exodus and Phoenix Point, even though I'm a backer I won't be installing Epic Store and I'll be getting the Game and its first year DLC on Steam a year after its released through Epic. I'm patient, I just view it as more development time, meaning i get a more polished product.
Mar 3 @ 12:30am
In topic Generation Zero Price Discrepancy
Its not just Generation Zero. Any game sold in Australia charges more than elsewhere around the world and its NOT just Exchange rates. I'm in UK but I see this regularly that Australians are being Charged far more than can be explained by exchange rates. Fairly sure its something to do with the Australian Government setting prices, but I cannot for the life of me remember where i found that nugget of info.

Have a read of this
Mar 3 @ 12:13am
In topic Only 4 Enemies
My understanding, from the Beta is that there are 6 Archtypes of Machines, each Machine has multiple quality tiers, and they can be armed differently which gives them different ways to attack. I also believe that the Devs have mentioned the ability to add other Archtypes at a later date if required/wanted (However dont quote me on that last one, as I dont remember where i heard/read it)
Mar 2 @ 11:55pm
In topic Before I preorder this...
Or If your stabbed in the back by a certain publisher you wait for the product to re-appear on steam a year later, then re-evaluate how much you're willing to pay for it.
Originally posted by Monkerlotus:
It looks like a nice game, but i would need a demo... this is a team a don't entirely trust for QA right now.

Forgive me for asking but why do you not trust the dev team just now?
Mar 2 @ 11:46pm
In topic Question about loot mechanic coop
From how the Beta ran, co-op players all had their own loot containers to access, which could provide different loot, but weapons and attachments placed in the world could be collected by everyone but tended to always be the same quality.

Also anything in your inventory could be dropped for another player in that game to pick up and use.
Feb 12 @ 9:49am
In topic Can this be played peer to peer
Originally posted by Black Snake:
Originally posted by Sanginius:
I am wondering if i can play this with one or two friends, with me hosting on my comp, and the others connecting to me, so no -one not on friends for example can join.

Thankyou for the response.
Feb 2 @ 7:10am
In topic Can this be played peer to peer
I am wondering if i can play this with one or two friends, with me hosting on my comp, and the others connecting to me, so no -one not on friends for example can join.
Jan 31 @ 1:28pm
In topic Confessors, How do you unlock them
Dojo Cheers.
Jan 31 @ 1:08pm
In topic Confessors, How do you unlock them
I'm on the Mission where Confessors are Introduced and told to send some but not told how to get them.
Jan 31 @ 9:33am
In topic Price?
I Blame it on the meds Im on.
Jan 31 @ 9:21am
In topic Price?
Just over an hour and a half to go.
Jan 30 @ 9:34am
In topic Price?
If I can't play at Midnight - Lost Sale :P Don't worry Devs, I'm still buying, Disappointed its releasing so late but I AM still getting it :D
Jan 30 @ 8:28am
In topic Price?
Ok is it a midnight release so i can buy and play tonight or should i go to bed and sleep first? Am in UK on GMT :)
Jan 29 @ 12:23pm
In topic Will this game goes EPIC Exclusive too?
Originally posted by atr786:
Originally posted by jesper2k:
The Division 2 cannot possibly be an Epic Games exclusive since Ubisoft developed the game and they have their own client.

well it is now, unless they bring it to steam after 1 year

I bought it on UPlay their own launcher so its not an Epic Exclusive, it might not be on Steam to start and on Epic instead, but its not an Epic Exclusive.
Jan 29 @ 11:30am
In topic Price?
No Pre-order as far as I can see, day and maybe a half to go

If there was a pre-order option I would buy now.
I would pre-order if i could afford to just now, but I cant, so I will buy when it comes back to steam - next Black Friday
Jan 28 @ 1:22pm
In topic Metro Exodus PC Store Announcement
Originally posted by FehiŸ:
Oof, well, thank you anyway for saving my money :B1::ss13ok:
First Division 2, now I'm not going buy this ( I didn't plan it but still ) :D

I just bought Division 2 on uPlay like I do all their games, all Steam does is launch uPlay anyway.
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