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Also Avalanche is several different Studios in different locations of the world , Kinda like Ubisoft or even EA.
11 mag, ore 1:04
Nella discussione You all better stop complaining about the Pre Loading.
Inb4 Bethesda offer replacement Keys on the Bethesda Launcher 'cos Steam isn't working....
11 mag, ore 1:00
Nella discussione Remember Rage 1 - Don't preorder.
Messaggio originale di Zorlond:
Rage 1. A broken game upon release, unplayable, ran at 1 frame-per-5-seconds on a high-end system, only for the devs to cry "update your drivers", and when drivers freshly updated, caused the game to NOT RUN AT ALL. Finger-pointing, blame-gaming, devs desperately avoiding any fallout, quickly followed by a total abandonment of the game. And here we are. Seven and a half years and two computer systems later (even jumping to different hardware brands) I am still utterly unable to play my copy of Rage because it straight up does not work and was never fixed.

I predict an identical outcome this time around. All y'all you pre-ordered? You'll remember this game. For all the wrong reasons. Especially since this is Bethesda that's running the show this time.

I bought Rage at release and It ran fine, It's also run on the systems I had since then, and I'm actually replaying it just now,, So it still runs for me. I've always used Intel and Nvidia though. so maybe if you went AMD that might be part of the cause of the reason your pc's have been unable to play it.
I hope not but there isnt mention on the store page on right hand side of needing a 3rd party EULA which I think there is on For example Steam titles that launch through Uplay.
10 mag, ore 23:03
Nella discussione Destructible Environments?
Oooh I'm being insulted by a random unknown person on the internet. As for watching gameplay no i havent watch youtube. I prefer to stay as spoiler free as possible for any game I play. Means I've made some mistakes with purchases, but I've normally been able to tell in the first 30 mins of playing if a games for me or not. and Steam has that 2 hour refund Policy. I didnt buy JC4 as I didnt enjoy JC3's wingsuit. So didnt watch any footage of that either. So as far as I was Aware Apex did not support Destructible environments. And now I'm out of this thread.
10 mag, ore 19:09
Nella discussione What's going on with pre install?
I just hope they get it sorted quickly for those that have slow download rates/speeds.
10 mag, ore 19:06
Nella discussione Destructible Environments?
As far as I am Aware Apex Engine does not support destructable environments, so most likely will be NO.
10 mag, ore 19:05
Nella discussione What's going on with pre install?
Same situation as everyone, just check the other preload threads. been about 5 hours since we had a dev response along the lines of theyre aware and looking into it.

Unfortunately all people can do is wait, or more likely wait and complain!
10 mag, ore 17:18
Nella discussione Map looks Cartoony
When you first stepped out of the Ark and Dan Hagar saved you from the Bandits, did you ever ignore him and try doing anything but go and get in his buggy? When I said Dark I was not referring to horror Dark, More of a The plan for Survival went wrong its up to you to get involved. I don't see it as a tongue in cheek shooter like Far Cry New Dawn!
10 mag, ore 17:13
Nella discussione Map looks Cartoony
Tbh I am more bothered about the map icons and the overdrive effect than I am about the BFG being Deluxe only. I'm not planning on refunding, will have to see how it actually affects me when I'm playing.
10 mag, ore 17:05
Nella discussione Map looks Cartoony
Does anyone know is there an option to disable the cartoonification of the Icons on the map? I doubt it, but I can Hope, or Hope for a mod to do it. With the Original Rage being pretty dark in tone, I just feel the map looks out of place.

Please try and keep response polite :)
10 mag, ore 6:16
Nella discussione Still In Development?
Hey Devs, Just checking in to see how things are going.
6 mag, ore 12:10
Nella discussione Folks Experiencing Crashes
Messaggio originale di GiggleBeard:
Messaggio originale di Sanginius:
Win 10, 1070TI 8GB i5-7600K with 16GB RAM. No Crashes during Eartly Access. 5 every 10-15 mins with release of patch 1.1 then with the release of hotfix 2 about a day later I was back to no crashes. I've racked up 12 hours play without a single crash since hotfix 2.
Thank you for posting, I'm purchasing the game.

Your Welcome. Enjoy the Game!
5 mag, ore 9:45
Nella discussione Resource Management and Early Game
3rd Survival Run now and I've got Rhys First Ezra second every time so far. Neither of them is a wood cutter, thankfully Ezra is a hunter Rhys seems to take forever to build his own hut. Also seems to use far more firewood than necessary. I've had to bring in 3 or 4 times the amount because he keeps lighting fires rather than finishing the building. somewhat frustrating.
4 mag, ore 23:03
Nella discussione Folks Experiencing Crashes
Win 10, 1070TI 8GB i5-7600K with 16GB RAM. No Crashes during Eartly Access. 5 every 10-15 mins with release of patch 1.1 then with the release of hotfix 2 about a day later I was back to no crashes. I've racked up 12 hours play without a single crash since hotfix 2.
4 mag, ore 22:43
Nella discussione How to play Co-op? And another question,
Just found a screen I hadnt been in before - Expeditions. At the bottom is a Start Co-op button. Is this the only way to have a co-op game? What happens when the follower your friend is in control of gets tired? Also is it player skill or follower skill that will determine their combat capability in co-op ? If this Is the only way to access c0-op then there should really be a help mention of it, in survival tips for newer players.
4 mag, ore 20:38
Nella discussione tree's stuck in sky bug.
First tree i chop down every game gets sacrificed to the sky! Every Fresh start first tree goes up and either gets stuck in sky or vanishes.
4 mag, ore 19:06
Nella discussione How to play Co-op? And another question,
Messaggio originale di BFG Zyddie:
Hey Sanginius.

You have to invite him after you get your first follower, you can invite him and he can join via steam, we are aware of some issues with this and are working on it.

So sadly you might be one of the few people affected by that.

//BFG Zyddie

When you say invite him, do you mean bring up the steam overlay (shift+Tab) then right click him and select invite to game from the list? As we have tried that and neither of us have an invite to game. We both see a join game but it is grey out and non-selectable even after we have both gained a follower and built a hut. We are both on hotfix 3 from the experimental branch. I also tried exiting the game and restarting but I cannot see an option to invite him to game.

4 mag, ore 13:56
Nella discussione Orbiter - OP or just me?
The Orbiter has been responsible for more deaths than any other creature currently apart from MR Teleport and your health is gone AKA Stalker.

Its killed me whilst I was cleansing a Nest almost finished the cleanse and a car dropped on me. Its also managed to creep up on me and kill me in the open after i managed to dodge 6 or 7 red circles i died . So now I keep an eye on the sky as well. I noticed it showing near me and ducked into the cover of a blizzard shelter, but the d£*n Orbiter has been sitting overhead dropping wreckage for over 5 mins now. Will it ever leave or is this another life I'm going to lose trying to get away from it even though it loves chasing you?
4 mag, ore 12:56
Nella discussione Thinking of buying it
I'm one of those that was suffering from the crashes every 10 mins after 1.1 released, since hotfix 2 was released, I havent had a single crash. I would say If you like what you see buy it. It's hard, but enjoyable.
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