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aug. 17., 17:02
tru patch not working témakörben
Its Live on Tuesday 20th Aug.
aug. 17., 16:31
Base and Freighter GONE témakörben
My Entire game is gone replaced by the save i overwrote when next launched.
aug. 15., 23:54
Enemy units Fled, Combat Will not end témakörben
Thankyou for the response, that will help if i find myself in the same scenario again,. I was just coming back to post that after a while moving units back and forth across trhe same area, they suddenly found the enemy and killed it. think that last unit had survived for at least 30 minutes before i posted!
aug. 15., 23:33
Enemy units Fled, Combat Will not end témakörben
I've run into a small problem, I engaged in combat with about 50 members of the Uman Brotherhood, and when they were down to about a total of 7 soldiers left i got the message that enemy units were fleeing. Once the fighting died down, and the 5 min timer expired, I got the enemy positions revealed message, at which point i surrounded them and finished them off, or at least that was the plan. I have 1 unit I cannot find anywhere on the map, and i have markers for 2 units overlapping each other where i killed most of the remaining units that had fled.

If i leave the map i assume i would lose all the loot, which i don't want as obviously i want to sell it to pay for salaries. Is there any way top force the game to acknowledge i have beaten the enemy?
aug. 15., 22:59
A New players Thoughts after 25 hours playtime témakörben
I do not know if you are aware of this, but the camo patterns for Marine Combat Pants is the same as Military Shirt Navy, and not Marine Military shirt. It is also the same with Navy Military Pants having the same pattern as Marine Military Shirt and not Military Shirt Navy. The pattern looks the same in the item view, but is different when equipped.
Thankyou for your response, Tina. I hope I explained things clearly enough so there is no language barrier causing problems, however if you need me to expand upon what i wrote, then please just ask :)
aug. 14., 23:38
A New players Thoughts after 25 hours playtime témakörben
Hi Devs and Everyone else, apologies for the wall of text! I'm new to this game as I only bought it a couple of days ago, but have already racked up 25 hours in it. I would say I'm still very early game as I havent yet started trying to take a town. There's a few issues I'm unsure about, game mechanics I don't yet understand.

For Example, the skill 'Commands' (states that each point in it increases the amount of squads you can deploy by 3) What isn't clear is whether this is total number of squads you can create
and have in your party, or whether its number of squads you can deploy to the tactical battle screen?

Enemies in combat do not appear to need to use night vision gear and are far too accurate. I've got marksmanship 12, Rifles 100 and I'm using the SVD as weapon of choice. If I attack at night, they will be able to hit me with repeated bursts at what I would class as beyond max range of the SVD, whilst they are using automatic weapons. At this range the enemies when standing up only take up about a quarter of the space between the top aiming chevron and the one underneath it.

The Recoil on the SVD is so wild and random with angles it moves you to, it seems impossible to learn how to use the sight at that range, ie how far up you need to aim to compensate for bullet drop. Also the sight feels very slightly out of alignment, (I've always hated the Dragunov scope ever since the original 'Operation Flashpoint' and its expansions made you use one). However i seem to get more headshots and general shots on target on moving targets, than I do on stationary targets.

Request here would be for a standard thin cross-hair type scope that could be used on the MK14 etc.

After 25 hours playing I haven't seen any binoculars for sale, nor have I seen any Suppressors or Silencers, as they are normally called in games ( are these not available for general purchase ?)

I would also like to make a request for an option to disable the headbob, as whilst humans normally move up and down, and around slightly as we walk, our brains automatically compensate for it in real life so we don't see the bob, and myself and a lot of others are made nauseous by this effect in games.

I took a quest to capture 5 bandits the game game me 180 hours to do this, however, mountain bandits and desert bandits don't count, and after attacking approximately 200 bandits and their looter and raider companions i had managed to get 3 with 90 hours still to go. I then went on a campaign of extermination on bandits and bandit bases, no idea how many more i killed but i finally got the last 2 when i had 10 hours left on the deadline. However I couldn't get back in time, so wasn't too impressed at that bad luck. I had 3 squads when i accepted the mission, i had 8 at the point the mission failed, each of those squads is between level 10 and 15 now. Also I must have taken about 60-70 prisoners whilst trying to get the 5 bandits.

I hope this is taken as constructive criticism, which is how I have tried to write it.

Finally I want to say that I am Very Impressed with what I have seen and heard and played with since purchase. Hopefully the English Proofreader will start to help sort out the grammar and spelling mistakes soon, but I am so excited to see where this goes, going forward.
aug. 10., 8:39
The Big Bug Report Thread témakörben
Have you tried the new Beta Trupatch? See if any of these issues are solved for you? Tracking seems a lot better for me, havent seen any 100m gaps yet, but its early days.
júl. 29., 20:11
No Crafting Queue for different items témakörben
Whilst you can queue up multiple amounts of the same item ie ammo, and the drones will craft through it. If you have an item almost finished crafting and start a different one, the first one immediately gets stopped/cancelled, but without refunding the materials. I Had a Stalker MK 2 Chest about 3mm from finished and sop clicked on a set of Stalker MK 2 legs to be crafted, at which point the chest immediately stopped, the legs immediately started, and the materials for the chest had gone.
júl. 24., 1:38
Genesis Alpha One – Steam Release FAQ témakörben
If someone bought the game on EGS will they get a reduction when purchasing on steam or will they still have to pay full price?
Thanks That's what I was missing. - Knew it was something i was/wasnt doing :)
Just had to restart game after i no longer have an existing savegame, ( possibly due to a game update, but more likely due to a new hard drive.) Anyway Last time i did the tutorial the Special asteroid i had to mine was easy to find as the entire thing glowed yellow. Now i cannot see any special Adamyte asteroid anywhere on map, is there a setting i need to enable im the zoomed out view to make mission objectives yellow that i might have knocked off, or is it possible I've done something else?
jún. 19., 8:25
Unable to use any weapons/tools after patch témakörben
After restarting the server a couple of times, nothing had changed, so i decided to try running to the ship we were dropped from was residing, hoping the turrets would solve the problem giving me peace to try and work out loss of item accessibility. Once I was a couple of hundred metres from the location i was spawned in at, my weapons appeared in my hands again and were useable. same thing happened to other player on server.
jún. 19., 5:07
Unable to use any weapons/tools after patch témakörben
As the title says since the last patch came out my friend and i are unable to use any items so cannot defend ourselves or mine whilst on foot. This is on a rented dedicated server. 10.0.1 2508
jún. 15., 4:42
A message just for the developers témakörben
Well Said +1
jún. 3., 2:46
Local Server query témakörben
Thank you
jún. 2., 22:02
Local Server query témakörben
When you start a co-op game you have the option to launch a Local Server. I did this and it worked perfectly, my friend and I could play happily for a couple of hours. We then decided to test the save system. More importantly we wanted to know how to continue our game together. I cannot find a way to start a local server that continues where we saved. I must be missing something, but i can figure out what. Creating a new co-op game creates a new world, yet if i select resume i load into the one that we had been working on. But that doesnt have a local server running. Any help?
I'll grab a screenshot next time. But all I see is a random name in mid air in a title bar almost.
Trying to find the answer to this myself, we can both see each others name in our game, but no idea why,
RED-FROG eredeti hozzászólása:
I am about to refund the game because of DENUVO....... thinking about it a few more seconds but the refund is strong on this one.

Does this game require the Bethesda launcher, too?

Bethesda Launcher No, Bethesda Acct (for taking part in the live activities) yes.
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