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After restarting the server a couple of times, nothing had changed, so i decided to try running to the ship we were dropped from was residing, hoping the turrets would solve the problem giving me peace to try and work out loss of item accessibility. Once I was a couple of hundred metres from the location i was spawned in at, my weapons appeared in my hands again and were useable. same thing happened to other player on server.
As the title says since the last patch came out my friend and i are unable to use any items so cannot defend ourselves or mine whilst on foot. This is on a rented dedicated server. 10.0.1 2508
Jun 15 @ 4:42am
In topic A message just for the developers
Well Said +1
Jun 3 @ 2:46am
In topic Local Server query
Thank you
Jun 2 @ 10:02pm
In topic Local Server query
When you start a co-op game you have the option to launch a Local Server. I did this and it worked perfectly, my friend and I could play happily for a couple of hours. We then decided to test the save system. More importantly we wanted to know how to continue our game together. I cannot find a way to start a local server that continues where we saved. I must be missing something, but i can figure out what. Creating a new co-op game creates a new world, yet if i select resume i load into the one that we had been working on. But that doesnt have a local server running. Any help?
I'll grab a screenshot next time. But all I see is a random name in mid air in a title bar almost.
Trying to find the answer to this myself, we can both see each others name in our game, but no idea why,
Originally posted by RED-FROG:
I am about to refund the game because of DENUVO....... thinking about it a few more seconds but the refund is strong on this one.

Does this game require the Bethesda launcher, too?

Bethesda Launcher No, Bethesda Acct (for taking part in the live activities) yes.
May 13 @ 2:25pm
In topic Sound issues.
Are headsets same brand, do they supply their own sound drivers, or do they use onboard sound or a dedicvated sound card? what are the brands involved? Realtek (on board example) Asus or Creative labs dedicated addon boards, Steelseries or Corsair headsets for example. are the headsets USB or 3.5mm?
Originally posted by onejerky_aye:
Originally posted by Zurv:
it ran "ok" at 4k... just a little over 60+

It will scale back grafix if the fps drop below 60. (that setting is on by defualt.)

This is what it looks like (with out the scaling option and ultra pre-set... It is "fine"
Whats your spec Mate ?
From their Profile
Desktop PC:
Nvidia SLI Titan RTX, 30" 4k Dell OLED UP3017Q
I9-7980xe @ 4.7GHZ (18 core), EVGA x299 Dark
32gigs DDR4 4000mhz, Corsair 1600 watt PSU
Samsung 970 pro NVMe 2TB, Intel Optane 900p NVMe
Windows 10 pro x64 (1809)
Logitech 810 / G903, Xbox One Elite controller
audio: Oppo HA-1 -> Rega Brio-R (AMP) -> Sennheiser HD800s (headphones) or PSB imagine mini (speakers)

NVidia RTX 2080 ti, LG OLED77C8 4k TV (77")
i9-7900X (10 cores) 4.7ghz (water cooled), EVGA x299 DARK
32gig DDR4 3600mhz, Corsair 1600 Watt PSU
Intel Optane 900p NVMe, Samsung 970 pro 2gig NVMe
Denon AVR-X8500H, PSB Imagine speakers. 5.1.2
Windows 10 Pro x64 (1809)
Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote, Xbox One Elite Controller
Also how did you manage to play it when its not even released in the US yet?
May 13 @ 1:35pm
In topic Denuvo notice added today.
Originally posted by ViralOmega:
Denuvo and forcing people to use their terrible launcher? Id rather "sail the high seas" than buy this and be forced into their terribly insecure service.

Not everyone has that option anymore.
May 13 @ 1:32pm
In topic "unpacking" is taking ages
You pre-load encrypterd files, the files being encrypted so that pirates cant use them, then at release you have to get them turned into normal files which is what the decryption process does so you can play the game.
Its Discusting that they only added the Denuvo info a few hours before launch, They will get a lot of refunds due to this because people that hate denuvo and its performance impact will be refunding. Me I'm going to see how the game runs first rather than just refunding because it has denuvo.
11 Hours on Steam for me also UK
May 12 @ 6:29pm
In topic Find and Destroy depot missions BUG.
Hopefully it will be resolved in Beyond!
Originally posted by -M*A*S*H-:
Originally posted by FeilDOW:
The same dev team that made Mad Max has been working on Rage 2 since just after Mad Max released, along with id software.

So it should be a well optimized and good looking game, but we won't know 100% for another week.

I hope because their game GENERATION ZERO is a disaster my friend

It is really very beautiful but not finished, buggy and not at all optimized. He's crashing all the time.

With many friends we bought the game but in less than 3 weeks after the release of the game we are only 2 continued to play.

My game crash regularly and some missions can not be finished.

Thats a different set of Devs again. Gen Zero isnt classed as a AAA title. Also they are still working on Patches, I believe the plan is 1 large patch a month, that they want to go out to all platforms.
May 12 @ 1:19pm
In topic Whoops.
If you download via the Beth Launcher you will not be able to refund. Because Beth wont allow refunds for downloaded games, even if they havent been launched.

I used Beth Launcher for ESO when it first launched, I havent used it for anything else since then.
May 12 @ 11:05am
In topic really want this game
Originally posted by Michael Weston:
The review embargo lifts on the 13th in the morning. BIG RED FLAG

Review Embargo Lifts the day before the game releases, how is that a big red flag? If the Embargo was in place until release or until after release, then that would be a Red Flag, to me.
May 12 @ 9:59am
In topic why the doom engine tho
For those that do suffer from Motion Sickness, there are some things you can try, See if there is an option to disable headbob, and try increasing the field of view. I suffer from motion sickness in some games and almost always I can resolve it by disabling headbob if thats an option, and increasing field of view up past 75 degrees. Those that have not yet suffered from Motion Sickness in game, I hope you never find a game that triggers it, as it is exceedinly unpleasant to experience. I've encountered it in about 5 games in approx 25 years of gaming.
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