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In topic Storage boxes.
The crates share the same storage, same as your inventory.
YW, not a guide yet, work in progress, more testing to do ;) Some info and prerequisites remains. This is for normal difficulty. Might be that a "vertical" maze (with 900 blocks walking distance) is a better alternative than a (normal) "horizontal" one. Since then you also can have guards on levels. Extra guards reduces the need for monster walking distance "kill" zone, or line-of-sight.

Like you need 5-8 blocks space for each guard, where they stand (3 blocks) and a bed (2-5). Can make it so most beds need 1 "solid" block, by using stairs, where the foot end have part of a bed underneath (and above). Assume a zed attacks the head end, so could let a foot end be in the path of zeds at high of their head. Or the foot end could occupy the same space as a guards head. Not sure if beds blocks line of sight for guards, since not solid.

Guards seems to be able to shoot and have line-of-sight through other guards, since not solid (your character can walk through them).

Mixing in day guards also alters the equation.

So what you end up with is a fixed space needed for zeds to walk, then rest of the space define how many guards you can fit that have full line of sight during "work" (450 seconds, then sleep for 270).

So when have a structure, calculate roughly how many zeds each guard manages to remove during 24 hours. Damage (per Reload), distance, line-of-sight, time. Half of that total amount of zeds gives how many colonists the setup handles.
Or opposite, amount of colonists give how many guards needed depending of the type and DPR, along with the design of the structure.

Also the amount of each guard type give how much ammunition are needed. And so on for food and production.

Any changes during 24 hours in monsters and health and spawn amount, guards and weapons, will alter the equation too, with more or less options.

After my ratio 1:25, 800 mixed guards should be able to protect 20000 colonists on normal difficulty. Minimum space required are 4000 blocks. Maze still the same 900 (roughly) length, where space needed is 2700 blocks (zeds 2 blocks height). So roughly 6700 blocks would be needed for the defense structure. The smallest banner safe zone is 30x30x30, giving 27000 blocks to create a design. If have the outer part of the maze just outside the safe zone (no safe zone research), additional 3600 (roughly) more block space can be used, and OK for zed spawning on. Need some space for line-of-sight too, but should be pretty easy to fit in.

*puh* All for now?
Jul 16 @ 4:18pm
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
My current Maze 1 configuration seems to handle roughly 336 colonists (x2=672 zeds), 1:28. A larger one is actually overkill. I tried 360 colonists, but for each night the zeds came closer and closer to the center and the banner, until they feasted on the 112 unemployed at the flag at daytime.

Math is the answer to find ratios, Total guard DPS (Damage per Second) vs Total zombie HPS (Healh per Second). Started a thread explaining:
Math is the answer.
Total guard DPS (Damage per Second) vs Total zombie HPS (Healh per Second).
First some numbers and info about Zombies/Monsters and Guards. Version 0.6.3 of Colony Survival.

Each colonist spawns 2 zeds (normal difficulty) during a night, at different times.
Uncertain if the spawn count subtracts any existing ones.
Zeds do not die to sun or age.
Spawns from the banner between 75-200 blocks, from 101 if researched max safe zone.
((??? Spawn places are relative to your characters position, might be 8 spots.))
Max path at 2000 blocks to banner, siege mode if longer distance.
3 speeds; walk, fast, and run. Walk is roughly 2 blocks per second, run 3 blocks.
Zeds somewhat randomly spawn with health at 100, 300, 500. So say an average is 300 per zombie.

A guard will be on post for a certain amount of time, night guards seems to go to bed at noon regardless the amount of zeds. Timed it to 07:30 (450 seconds), sleep for 4:30, giving in game 24 hours 12 minutes real time (also found it in a dev posting). Assume the same ratio for day guards.
Guard weapons details (damage, reload, reach); Slinger 50 3 12, Bow 100 5 20, Crossbow 300 8 25, Matchlock 500 12 30.
Guard DPS becomes Slinger 16.67, Bow 20, Crossbow 37.5, Matchlock 41.67.

The average time for a guard to take out a zed with a Slinger becomes 18 seconds, Bow 15, Crossbow 8, Matchlock 7.2.
Except that since the reload time for Matchlock is 12, it is not possible to have an average of 7.2, since wasting DPS on 100 and 300 zeds.
So a guard with Matchlock are able to take out roughly 38 zeds during 24 hours (game time). Crossbow 56, Bow 30, Slinger 25. But since a mix of zeds, some time is lost due to reload time and how many times to reload until all are taken care of.

So if have a setup with 12 guards, an even mix of Bow & Crossbow & Matchlock is probably the best, where the ratio is roughly 1:25, giving 300 colonists and 600 zeds.

Crossbow is maybe the most overall efficient, if to have 1 type.

The above give that there is a max length for a defense structure to be efficient. Because as long as a guard can shoot all the time, each guard can only handle a certain amount of zombies/monsters during a night cycle. So the 2 main factors that changes the ratio are:
The real amount of each zombie health type.
Reload time for weapons.

Size of defense becomes how many blocks a zed can move before get shot. If follow a mix ratio, 3 guards takes out 150 zeds. On average 3 zeds are taken out each 10 seconds. That are 25 blocks average movement. Then the distance from spawn to shooting range, guards could be idle waiting on zeds. A pretty safe amount of blocks becomes roughly 900, if only night guard, since at work for 450 seconds.
Jul 13 @ 2:17am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
Thanks, I will check it out.

If you understand my Maze 1, then just layer it. So when almost to the guards in the middle, zeds enter next level and move to the outer ring and up to next level, and repeat. Space the layers so guards can shoot between them. Maybe guards on several levels too.
For an even better 3D Maze I have an idea, but not easy to picture line-of-sight angles in my mind.

I will probably NOT build a complete 100x100x100 system, see no point in it and becomes not fun. Maybe I build a small one, so others can just follow/improve the pattern/logic. Also since the game probably will change, a design can be broken, so for EA games I wait for release before starting large time consuming projects - if I still see it as fun game play.
Jul 12 @ 1:51am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
Check my links now. I play other games, so this one is only now and then, where I'm not into creative building any more. Limit testing of current Maze 1 is planned some day.

@Ex Minecraft Colonizer (and others): The question is how to let a guard be able to shoot at monsters for the longest time. How to create an "open" maze where guards have optimal/maximal time relative to available surface area, placement so get as much line of sight as possible. Then start thinking 3D, a cube of the range with guards in the center.
One step further is to create several such maze cubes in series (within 100x100x100, max safe area), where the center is protected using separate access paths for the guards. Or let some guards get scarified.
Sadly the game lacks proper switching between night and day, so guards can use the same spot (and bed).
Also the targeting AI/settings can be improved, with priority depending on weapons and monster health/threat_level (= when is the last chance to take out a monster before attacking someone).

Sorry, I probably would not find it fun on insane, since it for me just adds fiddling time and even more repetitive tasks to do as fast as possible.
I do not like MODs in general, of course some exceptions. Developers/owners of a game should add such functions to a game, if a good mod, particularly if the game is EA and keep changing.
Jul 11 @ 4:20am
In topic Where can I download savegames?
I can always put out my first world I currently have started, I'm pretty new to CS (not Counter Strike ;), although watched some YT's so have a good understanding of the basics. You can find some screenshots of my "Maze 1" (and some forum postings). Only 4 research remains, 240 colonists and only 12 guards, balanced and ready to be expanded. Not seen anyone else using some of the space saving "tricks" I do.
BTW: You have a typical Norwegian (me) surname as nick.
Jul 11 @ 3:58am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
Yup, now 240 colonists and no issues holding monsters back (normal/default difficulty). The night guard go to bed in the middle of the day, even if many zeds entering the maze due to long way to move from spawning positions. Those will be taken out when back on their positions though.
I will try to add colonists (and food production and such) and see how many this maze and current guards can take (I zip backups of save folder). Guards and more maze I can add easily. Then I know the space requirements to reach 15-20K, if the game can handle it, my gaming PC should - and if I bother ;D

Still have some stuff to figure out (and remember) though.
Started using construction colonists to make underground space for farms. Becoming a bit boring to just repeat expansion. Planning to keep expanding underground, within safe 100 blocks. Try using construction creation to place dirt. A lot of space to bedrock, if only use 2 block height (do not need 3 for farms).

Found out that the bed tracing AI need some work (does not count amount of blocks to move, just straight line all direction check), so started to trick it a bit by sacrificing 3 blocks of wheat per 10x10 (will waste more space if to have paths/walkways), by placing a crate and a bed in the center (and a torch on the crate). Have many spare beds around on unused places and some paths/walkways. If some goes to the floor up or down, then be it for now. The puzzle of optimal placing on a rainy day ;D.
Jul 10 @ 2:37am
In topic New player: basic starter help?
One "charm" with Colony Survival are to learn how things work, the different ratios of production.

I started with a trench on my first world, same effect as wall. Was to become first part of a maze. Zeds can not "jump" or crouch/crawl, only go 1 block up or down or flat. No diagonal movements either. Also can build stuff and prepare before planting the flag and get colonists.

Berry farms is nice as a start. The trick is to make it as small as possible, since the berry bushes is always able to be harvested. I found out (not seen on YouTube), that 3x7 (2x4 bushes) is the best and smallest farm, because you then can place another one beside it (2-4 bushes will then look grouped together). Another berry trick is to take away bushes and place down crates instead, having only a few (or 1) bush. You can also "harvest" yourself, picking and placing, not only berries.

Beds have no collision (not solid - yet), so can be placed between berry rows or any paths or stairs. Can also be placed on a crate (head end on it), and 2 blocks above the crate (so can climb up). The foot end can have a solid block above it. Can place working beds below/above others, in a staircase pattern. Can not place blocks on "workbenches" (crafting stations of different types).

Wheat can be eaten, but wasting the bonus of making flour and then bread. So get that up running and keep adding. The ratio you find out fast enough.

You need only 1-2 guards at the start, if have a good setup.
Jul 10 @ 1:47am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
I did some changes to my guards. I have 12, 3 night on each corner of the "roof", one of each weapon (except slingshot). Found also out that I have to figure out some construction mechanics. Forgot to plant enough Flex needed for linen, so the research and ammo pouches got halted.
So an advice (for new ones as me ;) is to follow up the production of ammo components when adding guards (and more colonists), along with food and such.
EDIT: Link adjusted.
Jul 9 @ 1:06am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
See some screenshots in "screenshots" TAB, some of those?
Jul 9 @ 12:49am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
@{RoFL}Daz58: Still not able to use the links.

All: I will soon test out my "Maze 1" and see, want to finish most science before expanding with colonists (have close to 200). I use mostly Matchlock night, a couple at day paired with Crossbow, roughly 1 guard for 10 colonists (with good margin ;).
Jul 6 @ 3:09am
In topic spawning 70 tile limit?
Seems fixed if it was an issue. I have researched to 100 blocks "safe zone". I built a wall on 101, but the main builds are still within 30. The zeds mostly spawns outside, sometimes on the wall, depends on the players character position it seems. Recently added screenshot of this base ("Maze 1").
Jul 6 @ 2:07am
In topic Maximum spawn settings.
Tried making a 3D maze where the guards stand in the middle? Maybe screenshots of my "Maze 1" can give ideas. Maybe do most of the construction before putting down the banner and start getting colonists. For now the game is too unfinished for me to bother building a 3D version of it.
Try stand on a tree sapling until becomes a tree.

Maybe add some collision check and push the player character to the side (check for solid blocks around the stem) or placed on top of the tree (elevator feature?).
Jul 4 @ 11:48pm
In topic How good is the PVE in this?
Add teleport and such as options. Maybe just activate siege mode ...
Place clusters of guards scattered all around on small towers. Have a bunch of free colonists to fill vacant positions if the zeds manage to kill someone. Extra beds all around. Have a "safe zone" from outer wall and to the main base. Utilize the height when build, not so much the width.

I build a "floating wall" on block height 2 from ground just outside the flag border (no spawn zone), with only 1 place to enter the base from. I also use a "floating and open" maze, where the guards can shoot feet or heads or sight on whole zeds, in the maze or on ground. It is placed as a roof. Can also expand it in height if needed, extremely space and material efficient.

I do not care about building "nice" castles or houses, see little point in that for this game as it is. It is pretty easy, just takes time to do stuff and learn the mechanics. If you use some hours and enjoy it that period, then you would get OK value for the money. Just compare it to other entertainment, cost per hour.
Jul 4 @ 12:16am
In topic Suggestion:Off switch for "workbenches"
Thought it was obvious that "off" should work as you removed a workbench, so the colonist switches to another task, so do not need to call in another colonist if to switch production.
If put all workbench quotas on a TAB on the inventory menu, then no need to select each of the current 17 workbench types and adjust the sliders. Even if not have a certain workbench, the sliders can be adjusted and become active when placed down. Only the symbol of the workbench is grayed out or similar if not present.
Later on it could be improved by adding "profiles" (columns with quotas) so can easily switch between some production settings often used. Maybe even able to be saved and used in a new game.
Jul 3 @ 5:52am
In topic Suggestion:Off switch for "workbenches"
Sometimes you have colonists that have filled the quotas and for a period and not needed there. If then possible to turn off workbenches (current 17 types) instead of removing, then you have so the workers can switch production and no need for change of placed blocks and keep a pattern. Easy way to see if a workbench is off could be to have a darker color or an "off" symbol on all sides.
Dec 12, 2017 @ 3:09pm
In topic Ark Launcher
Can use the Ark vessel to explore areas and also reveal POIs for Expedition missions. Seems no need for it to pick up required stuff from the main Colony. So when placing down the "Dome" (mandatory first) or other of the 3 current outpost structures, it will take the resources from main storage and the colonist count.
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