Herple Nerp
Staff member and content creator of Potato's Custom MvM Servers. Map maker as well. I do not accept random invites from people I don't know.
About Me
Name : If I know you me well enough I may tell you
Gender : F
Favorite Color : Deep Sky Blue
Personality : INFP-T [www.16personalities.com]

Mann vs Machine Content

Mashed Mediocity:
Oxidize - Garden Warfare Advanced
Sharp - Circuit Board Torture Intermediate

Missions/Maps in Madness Vs Machines:

Map: mvm_transmission

Signal Shutdown - Transmission Advanced
Binary Broadcast - Transmission Intermediate
Scrap Metal - Steep Expert
Gatebot Apocalypse - Area52 Intermediate
Storm Surge - Downpour Advanced

Memes vs Machines:
Pepper Boys - Trainyard Intermediate

Operation Canteen Crasher:
Systematic Swarm - Dockyard Advanced
Short Circuit - Waterfront Intermediate
Cliffside Clashing - Steep Intermediate
Ruins Rumble - Yucatan Advanced
Off-Coast Invasion - Coastrock Intermediate
Wrath Of The Pharaoh - Giza Advanced
Thriller Terror - Condemned Intermediate
Unholy Undead - Condemned Advanced

Yes I use mvm.tf, don't judge me.
Favorite Guide
81 ratings
A reference detailing various less well known tips and tricks of popfile creation.

This is not a guide on the basic syntax of popfiles, you are assumed to already have learned this. If you have not, here are a few resources to point you in the right dir
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