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2. Not scanning sea monkey nests.

Can they all be scanned? Most of the nests I find can not be scanned and the 2 that can be scanned say " 1 of 2" so I never get anything. Are there more scannable nests somewhere?
18 września o 8:29
W wątku Character
Bingo! Their games, their choice.

My favorite female character is Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. She can't fight her way out of a paper bag.
Ripley in Alien: Isolation is tuffer but fighting usually doesn't end well.
Then there is Assassins Creed: Odyssey and Prey where the only differences between male and female are aesthetic. Meh.
I like Robin. The choice fits the world well.
18 września o 7:55
W wątku FPS Spikes
The frame rates are highly variable due to the way the game world was built. As long as your fps doesn't fall below 40 you should have no troubles. Unless you obsess on fps..........
18 września o 7:49
W wątku Standard vs Experimental
It is fun! I like EXP better and am looking forward to them finally getting the bugs worked out of it. But in its current state it is just too irritating.
17 września o 19:28
W wątku Standard vs Experimental
On my system Experimental delivers much worse frame rates which mainly translates into lots of physics bugs.
Other than that I like it better as many bugs are fixed and it has some new features like the prawn can be serviced in a moonpool, and the predators are a little more aggressive which makes for an exciting game. The biggest problem this causes is that wounded reefbacks collect in the shallows making it a bad place to build a base.
17 września o 9:09
W wątku what?
I was just wondering if you had found the hot knife or not. In game I believe the hot knife does more damage per stroke. The stats say otherwise but it kills big things faster.
15 września o 20:34
W wątku what?
You can run by them or slash them to death with the knife. Why are you using the standard knife?
15 września o 10:15
W wątku does this have weapons?
Nope. Humans got by just fine for a million years with tools made out of sticks and stones and bones.
You can too.
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“Remember that the materials you gather are the property of the Alterra corporation. You will be liable to reimburse the full market price. Your current bill stands at 3,000,000 credits.”

My response? I cure the bacterium but don’t bother disabling the QEP. I’m perfectly fine with living out my days on 4546B if my former employer has policies like that. If Alterra wants the creds that badly, they can send as many ships as they please to get shot down.

My attitude exactly.
8 września o 13:20
W wątku Texture Pop In
Your hard drive -> steam -> steamapps -> common -> Subnautica -> SNUunmanagedData -> clipmaps-high.json

It opens with notepad. Set "chunkperside" from 7 to 9 for starters. You can do it for just the first one or all of them. Watch frame rates plummet. Adjust the numbers higher or lower until frame rates are acceptable. Click on "file" then save.
7 września o 8:19
W wątku Grant Lockwood
Sorry folks, but real life hit hard and I haven't had time to play since my last post. Will look this thread up when things calm down.
2 września o 13:30
W wątku player grows too large
Just got done exploring a wreck by the geysers in the bulb zone. Had to cut a hole in a door and found I was too big to enter. Went back to the seamoth and was too big to get to it. Thrashed around a bit and suddenly I could swim around fine. Went back to that door and could swim through the hole just fine. Then swam back to the seamoth and got into it ok too.
Dunno what makes the player get bigger and smaller but definitely happens.
Początkowo opublikowane przez Lhetre:
Początkowo opublikowane przez miklkit:
I recently started playing experimental again and no base pieces have legs, just like no base pieces have legs in Below Zero.
I downloaded the game again, loaded the last savegame and all the bases had their legs. Don't know if it is linked.
More often than not, legs are not visible from afar, and appear once near the base. Underground bases are more concerned by this glitch.

Stable version or experimental version? For me in stable the base legs work like they always have. In experimental they do not appear except for 2 short legs that do not touch the ground on the moonpool.
2 września o 11:58
W wątku Honestly.
Umm, I went looking through my screenies looking for NNE and found this one. There are others. And don't try to tell me I'm averaging 150fps.
2 września o 9:32
W wątku Travel Speed Tests
Why are you living in a NYC subway?
1 września o 14:24
W wątku player grows too large
experimental version 62644

I started a saved game on the last version after getting this update. Had to repaint the seamoth but noticed nothing else odd. Went to the 250m DeGassi base and could barely get around in it as I kept getting stuck and almost drowned. Then explored a small wreck found I could not get through the hole in a door I had cut with the laser cutter. The player has become too large to fit.
I had explored several wrecks in the previous version with no problems, so thought this problem was fixed. Not being able to explore wrecks is pretty close to game breaking.
I recently started playing experimental again and no base pieces have legs, just like no base pieces have legs in Below Zero.
No known cure. Other games are only temporary distractions.
1 września o 8:29
W wątku [@Developers] Main branch patch planned?
Początkowo opublikowane przez =WL= unknown:
Początkowo opublikowane przez miklkit:
AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I found out why frame rates were so good. The damthing reset the highjson. Well I fixed that! :steammocking:
So you want bad framerates?

Don't need 100fps on a 75hz monitor. But! Settings that work well with stable result in bad fps plus popins in this version of experimental. Still umm, experimenting.

Cyclops glitched - 3 times
water glitched - 1 time
Aurora glitch - 1 time
tablet glitch - 0 times
over 1900 hours played both stable and experimental
31 sierpnia o 15:39
W wątku Official high resolution DLC?
It looks the same to me, but they did something to the highjson there. I edited it and got a huge drop in fps but the popins are still there.
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