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An apple a day keeps the Medic away
5,408 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Lady Dimitrescu, NeoDenightmare, and Horrid McCoolghoul
HARDSKI May 17 @ 10:19am 
+rep! really nice person, kind and friendly :D
Ghoulish Super Tylow Mar 17 @ 7:43am 
sowwy i accidentawy repowted you uwu i hope you dwon't get mwad owo pwease add te stweam admin so he can rewoke the rewpowt uwu
Hi, I'm Kekcroc! Feb 20 @ 7:50pm 
absolutely one of the greatest dudes ive met on tf. BUY THIS MANS ITEMS
bear Feb 8 @ 4:47am 
+rep reminded me of one too many things
Toby1Kenobi Oct 21, 2020 @ 12:38pm 
:medicon:rep nice individual, a good and loyal friend as well as a really fair and negotiable trader. :HeroSmile:
lech Oct 18, 2020 @ 8:12pm 
+rep, nice trader