The Legend of Turtus
Professional(I won $40) Competitive TF2 Player

A quote from my number one fan nobel harvard:

"I can also tell you from personal experience that Elmo is a narcissistic, misogynist person who, in my eyes, does not deserve any of the titles of any tournament he has won. I am deeply insulted that a small proportion of my income taxes went towards supporting scum like him."

Another quote from someone's alt account:

"My oh my, where to begin with this one. Elmo, from the beginning has been that slimy, conceited, substandard prepubescent little child forever attempting to grasp some sense of where his inferior abilities in-game lie. That ignorant moron is seemingly autistic and owes respect to the entire Surf Infamous community, let alone ozfortress (who has no idea this guy is a twit). He's been on the low down for years, gaining adequate skills (for a 5 year old!), and then expecting to play high division e-sports. He has that arrogant, tinge of bullshit that one can gain from MGE, it's reflecting his past, present and future. This cretin is playing in premier league ozfortress teams with the DM of a division 4 player! Hopefully he receives what may be coming to HIM."

My guide to demoman:
Paulsen: can u teach me
Paulsen: ur ways
Paulsen: at demoman
Paulsen: elmo
Elmo.: well u point at the doorway
Elmo.: and click
Elmo.: and u do that 12 times
Elmo.: then u run away
Elmo.: reload
Elmo.: repeat
Elmo.: then when that doorway is clear
Elmo.: u move up to the next one
Elmo.: and repeat
Elmo.: until u have defeated all the doorways
38 year old 8 year old: need heals to walk forward***
Elmo.: and then u drink ur scrumpy on the point
Elmo.: and repeat
Elmo.: then u look at logs
Elmo.: and see elmo and geoh carried u
Elmo.: and realise u actually
Elmo.: don't do anything as demo
Elmo.: because u fucking suck
Elmo.: the end
Paulsen: ok
Paulsen: thank you

For Paulsen:
Comp History
Comp 6's(Latest at Top)
OZF24-Premier Coffee Clock-Champions (Sub)
OZF23-Premier Jasmine Tea-Champions (Scout)
OZF22-Premier Jasmine Tea-2nd (Scout/Roamer)
OZF22-Best Utility
OZF21-Premier Yugi Boys-Champions (Scout)
OZF21-Premier Best Scout
OZF20-Premier The Sauce-Champions(Scout)
OZF20-Premier MVP
OZF20-Premier Best Scout
OZF20-Premier Best Utility
OZF19-Premier Jasmine Tea-Champions(Scout)
OZF19-Premier MVP
OZF19-Premier Best Scout
OZF18-Premier no safeword-Champions(Scout)
OZF18-Premier Best Scout
OZF17-Premier The Hardies-Champions(Scout)
OZF17-Premier Best Scout
OZF16-Premier no safeword-2nd(Scout)
OZF16-Premier Best Scout
OZF16-Premier Best Utility(Tied with Yui)
OZF15-Premier Jasmine Tea-Champions(Scout)
OZF15-Premier Best Scout
Ozfortress Summer Cup-Jasmine Tea-Champions(Scout)
ToTH 2015-ozfortress Invite Team Impunity-Champions(Scout)
All Australian Scout and Utility
OWL14-Premier Team Impunity-Champions(Scout)
OWL14-Premier Best Scout
OWL14-Premier Best Utility
OWL13-Premier Not Bad-3rd Place(Scout)
OWL12-Premier TeaTime-3rd Place(Scout)
OWL11-Premier 777-6th Place(Scout)
OWL10-Premier Mindset Gaming:Synapse-6th Place(Scout)
OZFC3-Mindset Gaming:Synapse(8th Seed) - Top 12(Scout)
OWL9-Div 4 Sesame Street 4th Place(3rd Table, Scout)
OWL9-Div 4 Best Scout
OWL9-Div 4 Best Utility
OWL8-Div 5 Love n Rockets 4th Place(Soldier-Backup)
OWL7-Div 5 Surf Infamous 7th Place(Pocket)

Highlander:(Latest at Top)
UGC Aus Platinum Season 17-Soup-A-Stars-Champions(Heavy)
UGC Aus Platinum Season 16-Soup-A-Stars-Champions(Heavy)
UGC Aus Platinum Season 15-Soup-A-Stars-Champions(Utility)
UGC Aus Platinum Season 12-Body Shot Gaming-2nd Place(Sniper)
Highlander Community League-Mind Games(Spy)
Highlander State v State-Queensland(Utility)
OZHL-Mind Games(Spy)
the_k1lla Jun 23 @ 12:54am 
the biggest deal on the server: frog man gte off my team
A disabled sealion May 29 @ 6:10pm 
added coz ur a god
raina Mar 18 @ 10:59pm 
added becuz u r gud at tf2
金鱼 Oct 27, 2018 @ 5:45pm 
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金鱼 May 25, 2018 @ 7:38pm 
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lerrific May 23, 2018 @ 3:23am 
unbelieveable how you have the nerve to impersonate dawn..