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Love my homies, hoes can blow me, the one should get to know me.
Don't measure every step you take, just do whatever you want.

Along with personality traits, stories, and lucky signs, there are legends associated with the Slayer sign. It has been said that a Slayer born at night will have a less hectic life than a Slayer born after dawn or around midday. Even so, Slayers, whether born at night or during the day, will never have an easy life and will never be bored. Some believe that having a ‘Slayer’ in their house is lucky, warding off theft, fire and evil spirits. However, having two or more ‘Slayers’ may cause problems. [7] ‘Slayers’ are a force to be reckoned with, showing many of the same personality traits as the very animal they symbolize.

frankly I just want a team full of teamplayers, full of co-operation, willingness to learn, intelligent, optimistic, goal oriented and individually bring their own styles.

*DEAD* kreature bait : insanity u hacker gtfo stfu!

xFe -: yes
xFe -: i cheat time to time

Torkkk_: Yeah, those are my pages
Torkkk_: I don't try in ESEA brah

STEAM_0:1:585996 eh-_^plus : why even bother playing slice?
static : owned
sliCe : what kind of question is that
eh-_^plus : you played shitty when i called u out last time why have them on now?

sliCe : lol trin u got legit this scrim
STEAM_0:0:854235 *DEAD* HYPER ! triN : cuz ur not taking my kills

Wumbo says: yo you think you're good?
Wumbo says: let's 1on1
1nsanity says: you got client?
Wumbo says: yo lets 1on1
Wumbo says: you scared?
Wumbo says: lets 1on1
1nsanity says: you got client?
WUMBO: and no i have a special mouse that kills u automatically lol
WUMBO: why dont you research x22cheats and come back to me

Obviously this kid is retarded and admits that this 48mill account is his other account lol.
Wumbo STEAM_0:1:48847038
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squidward's such a jerk

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Mandi S2 Aug 28, 2012 @ 12:40pm 
Leave me and my cupcakes alone! LOL!
Amaikkie Jun 20, 2012 @ 11:25pm 
Apparently people are jealous of your Asian skills...
wtfjeffy (ALPHAPRO:mp5) Sep 15, 2009 @ 10:58am 
whats up yo! why dont you ever stop by and hit the forums? later man! www.torontowtf.com :)