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Card Trading.

Will try to make this simple but if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or ask on the profile below. I have thousands of cards and I don't mind helping others complete their sets. Trade offer link in the section below.

First Cards ARE NEVER FOR SALE, I will never sell cards for metal. Go some place else. You send me a trade offer with my cards for your metal and you get blocked.

Second, if your profile is set to private then I can olny accept or decline. While some people hide behind their profile settings to send bad offers others do not. If you are in the first group I will gladly block you. If you are in the second group all I can do is decline if the offer isn't what I am looking for.

I prefer 1:1 same set trades with cards. Not a big fan of cross set trading but occasionally I will. Just keep in mind I will be looking at market value of both my cards and your's. So if you grab a foil worth 5+ dollars and only offer 3 Garry's Mod cards all you have done is waste your time.

If you want to swap around cards from multiple games please do it all in one trade. Don't send me 5+ trades asking to swap 1 card each. Much easier for me to look at one giant trade offer rather than 10.

I collect all 5 sets of a games cards and get them ready for turn-in during the Summer/Winter events so I can get extra event cards.

If I have 5 completed sets ready for a specific game then I am not looking to trade away any of those cards. Doing so would require me to go back and re-make a set.

If I have all 5 sets for a specific game completed and i have extra game cards for that game I consider those extras to be spares. I will gladly swap around any of those spares to help someone complete a set.

If I do not have all 5 sets for a specific game completed then I don't mind swapping out cards for that game.

About Foils, if I have one you want feel free to ask about it. While there are a few I have that I am working on completing the set for it most I am not. I look at as being foils in two different groups the first is the cheap common ones. The other group is the rare or more expensive foils. If the foil is from group 1 feel free to offer on it, a couple of cards or a foil from another game should usually be fine. If the foil is from the other group again feel free to offer on it. I just might send you a counter offer or we might talk about it.
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My Trading practices.
Friends Request
If it is to trade use my trade offer button, DO NOT ADD.
If you send me an add then you had better post a reason for the add. If you can't spend 20 seconds posting the reason for the add then don't expect me to take 5 minutes to listen to you.
Added to trade is never an acceptable reason, five sentences down is both my trade link and a link to backpack which also has my trade link.
If you don't have any tradable TF 2 or trading cards I will ignore your request.
If you hope to add so you can discus a lower price I will block you.

If you are here about trading cards that is covered in the section under my name.

If you prefer to look at backpack pages

I have recently been told that I have one, and given the value of my BP odds are good someone will pretend to be me from time to time.

I have also been told that scammers are targeting people that post on my profile page. With the speed that potential victims are added I suspect that one or more scammers is subbed to my profile page. Remember that I will almost never send a friend request and my current level is 550+.

This is the only account that I have, if you are ever added by someone claiming to be my " alternate account" then you are dealing with a scammer.

The only type of trade I do is through the Steam trade window. I use Backpack to list my items. I never use Paypal, OkSkins or pay with wallet funds.

Remember that you should never trust links sent by strangers and that Trust on a Steam profile means nothing. I simply view all the +Reps I have gotten as thank yous for a good trade.

The only + Reps that mean anything are those on Backpack for doing risky trades. Risky trades involve using Paypal or other methods or trading that I do not do.
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Market Transactions
Prices and other listings can be found here

If an item is marked "Pure Only" then I am really only looking to take pure for it. Pure being Metal/Keys, I will gladly however take the current metal value in place of a Key, I just can not keep enough metal in stock.

I live in the USA and I am not a bot. During the day I am pretty quick to notice and take action on any trades or requests. However in the night time I often leave games idleing for cards while I sleep. So incomming trades might not be checked until after I get up.

I try to always keep plenty of metal on hand to make change. Scrap, Rec, Ref no reason for you to short yourself I will gladly make change if you are paying with pure. However I am not looking to trade Ref for Keys or the other way. If you are looking to do that there are many bots that would love to trade with you.

Escrow trades, if you are paying in pure then I am happy to wait 15 days. I have traded everything from a half scrap weapon to a 20+ Key unusual via Escrow. If you are not paying in pure I do ask that you overpay. How much I leave up to the buyer, not looking to gouge you I just want to make sure that if prices drop I don't lose on the trade.

Currently running about 200+ listings, also selling hundreds of other cosmetics, stranges, taunts and other items. If you are interested in something and you don't see it listed then the best way is to ask on my profile page.

Please keep in mind I do not pay extra for paints, parts, spells or any other item mods. If you want the most for your items then sell them yourself.

Cards are never for sale, don't ask and don't send a trade with my cards and your metal. There is a reason why this is posted on every trading thread and on my profile in three places.

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Churro Aug 29 @ 8:33pm 
Awww man... ey its no biggie man thanks for getting back to me, if you ever DO decide you wanna sell it, I'd buy it for 1400 pure keys ^^ thanks for your time homie :)
Churro Aug 28 @ 4:58pm 
Hey man, I'm very interested in your strange energy orb backwoods, but I saw you said no adds in your bio so, if there's any other way I could contact you, please lmk, cheers!
veljkojovic09 Aug 18 @ 10:55pm 
thanks for the trade, can you send me some more offers. :resmile:
Target Practice Aug 16 @ 5:54am 
@Cow when you find out feel free to post and maybe I will consider your request.
cow Aug 15 @ 9:49pm 
the reason i sent my friend request is
baetinha <3 Jun 29 @ 10:20am 
Thanks for twin bros cards trade, mate. +rep