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Posted: Sep 3, 2018 @ 4:27am
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Early Access Review
Resequenced is a fun to play action adventure game but has to be said is a little rough around the edges esepcially in regards to the game's combat. However, the developer is on the ball and open to criticism. So, this being an early access game expect there to be some changes before the game releases proper.

Lead character Lux is a likeable character and if you spend time actually getting past the first hour then the adventuring becomes much more interesting. There is a lot of game here for the low price, so you should get your monies worth. Personally, I found the game took a bit too long to find its feet in the beginning which might put off the impatient, but stick with it and you will find an expansive adventure that visits a number of cool locales. In terms of the script, there is quite a bit of humor and references to other games, for example Rhett (your AI companion in your head) sounds very much like Claptrap from Borderlands.

With a little more polishing, and some revised ideas with the combat elements such as AI attacks (perhaps some optional camera angles players can toggle as well) Resequenced has some cool potential regardless of whether it's made by just a few people. The outfits are really nice and with some revision could make the game more challenging or easier which might be a good idea for the longer term and replay value.
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