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Sep 29 @ 3:22pm
In topic Adhering to storage rules
Hello all

I have just bought The Guild 3 as it's on sale :P

My Tansporter was working fine a moment ago, but now his is just sitting in my shop doing nothing. Fx I have unchecked to sell Flax and there should be a minimum storage of 20 flax and the same with iron ore, but he don't do anything :(
Aug 25 @ 6:10pm
In topic Ultrawide 2560x1080 21:9 Support
Hello all

There is one thread about this on the Heat forum, but i does not answer my question.

The game does not look great in 21:9 the way i have it set up. I have set the resolution to 2560x1080, and everything else is stock, and everything seem fine until i move the camera around. When looking at the sides of the monitor when i move the camera, it look's like objects and textures are zooming in and out from the middle to the edge of the monitor. Getting worse and worse the closer to the edge.

What to do?
Aug 25 @ 2:37pm
In topic Single player or solo
About Single Player

You can just set up at Server on your Computer and Join it locally or maybe play with friends :) There is even a guide on how setting up a Server in the Heat Guides section ;) Good luck mate
Aug 25 @ 2:06pm
In topic Error loading when starting Game
Hello all

I get this error when starting the Game sadly.

Easy Anti-Cheat

Game Security Violation Detected (#0000000D)

As from what i can see this has something to do with Asus Aura Lightning.

The exe files is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LightingService
Aug 17 @ 11:18am
In topic Noob : How do you turn RTX ON ?
I'm GLAD that they droped RTX on this. This game is by far the best driving sim i have ever owned. I have never driven a sim-racing-car before that i can push, push and push to the limit, and with the new tire model it's even better. Take the same series of GT3 cars in iRacing, it's just dog ♥♥♥♥. If you drive on a kerb you just spin of the trac, and to get on topic why should Kunos be putting so many resources in to the development of RTX at this time. For the 1%?
Aug 7 @ 2:07pm
In topic no new EU server
After reading several post on this i think i'm going to pass on this game
Jun 9 @ 4:59pm
In topic What's the Community like?
To get the most of out this game, you should join a Clan. Because people are just running around doing there own thing and not working together as they should.

I have only played a little over 3 hours and only ONE Team/Officer that i joined was thinking about teamwork and Tatics, this is why i'm waiting for my application to get accepted buy a clan.

It was the same with POST.
The second time I tried Q2 at Zolder the car just sprung to life without doing anything, and the ignition does not seem to work either, but the starter do.
The same here mate :(
May 29 @ 2:54pm
In topic Ray Tracing
Originally posted by Darth Hippious:
Originally posted by Lopata:
Who cares about this crap in the racing title? :steamhappy:Jokes aside, I didnt heard anything about it. If there is going to reflection, or lighting or whatever. Anyway, this crap will dreacse FPS so much that your will lag during myltiplayer races. And please show me the gamer who would ike to play competetve mode with 40 fps, when somebody else is having like 120-140 just a with a little but worse image.
I asked if there are any news about ray tracing.Not your personal preference nor if you think it will work or if its worth it or not...
I have 4xRTX 2080ti and i dont care about the "cost" of ray tracing.Alright?
I am just interested to know what happened to the ray tracing feature they promised.

HAHA LoL.... Someone braging about having 4xRTX 2080TI in SLI. What mobo and CPU combo are you using? Because I would like to know how you get 4way SLI to work when only 2way SLI is supported by Nvidia.
Mar 18 @ 5:19pm
In topic Bought, played, refunded.
I only agree with OP on that the game needs a town or two with NPC's, Bank and a Store. Other then that I think the game is great and fun :)
Mar 18 @ 5:07pm
In topic Better FPS?
What resolution are you running at? Are you on a server or SP?

I'm running at 1440P on a GTX 1070 8GB with a Intel I7 3770K @ 4.5Ghz with 16GB RAM and I can run at high to very high setting, where i get everything from 28 to 80FPS. I think we need to give the DEV's time to optimize the game :)
I have the same Issue with lights and also the char and animals lag behind and when running in surround sound my footsteps come from behind the char. Also last time I played the game just stoped for 30sec and continued and this happend 5 times in 10min.

@Nunu: A 1080TI does not have 16GB of VRAM. It has 11GB og VRAM. Your PC might have 16GB of RAM, just so you know.
Mar 9 @ 2:09pm
In topic X-Plane v11.32 and Shaders
I hope to see Vulkan API in X-Plane 11 soon because I'm buying the new AMD Ryzen 9 3850X 16 core 32 threads at Boost Clock 5.1Ghz :P
Mar 8 @ 3:16pm
In topic X-Plane v11.32 and Shaders
So i can use ReShade v4?
Mar 8 @ 2:26pm
In topic X-Plane v11.32 and Shaders
okay maybe i have misunderstood something
Mar 8 @ 1:58pm
In topic X-Plane v11.32 and Shaders

I'm just getting into X-Plane 11 seriously after converting from FSXSE and are loving XP :P

But my question is: How can we tweak the shaders after the Vulkan release in XP 11.30?

I can see many post on YouTube and Google about reshade, but reshade is not supported anymore right?
Jan 29 @ 2:30pm
In topic Non VR on 21:9 Ultrawide Monitors
Jan 29 @ 1:35pm
In topic Non VR on 21:9 Ultrawide Monitors
Hello all

I'm think of buying this game, but will it run in 21:9 Ultrawide format?
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