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I don't usually write reviews but if you're on the fence about this one, I recommend purchasing it, even at full price. Why would I say that? You may be thinking, "It's still in Early Access and incomplete..." First I will go into the genre, and from there the features in greater detail, without giving away any spoilers. I hope this is an enjoyable read for all of you that informs you with what you need to make your purchasing decision. Drop Pod Initiating...

Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) is a sci-fi cooperative (or single player) first-person shooter mining game. If you've ever seen the film Starship Troopers, basically combine the combat from that film with dwarves, mining underneath an alien planet named Hoxxes IV (where all of the missions take place). The environments are procedurally-generated and completely destructible. The gameplay includes light RPG, level-up elements and unlocks that make progression more fun, interesting, and ultimately necessary to play at the higher difficulty levels. There is A LOT of replayability here already.

You first pick one of, for now, four classes, each with their varying strengths, weaknesses and personal weapons and gear. Don't worry if you love a certain class and someone on your team has already picked it. Your entire team can be made up of Drillers if you really want. You also pick one of a variety of missions, from collecting eggs or minerals deep within cave systems, to repairing lost mining vehicles and bringing them home, to battling huge 'boss' bugs that have special abilities, impenetrable exo-skeletal armor, and more... All the while you are being attacked by a variety of waves of hostile alien insects.

On easier difficulties, they are less so, on higher difficulties they get more intense to nearly impossible to be not overwhelmed by. Based on your personal experience, skill-level and the upgrades you have purchased, you can take on whatever difficulty of mission you like, whether alone, with friends or with random players, to suit your tastes. The higher the difficulty and the longer the mission however, the more rewards. Missions can take anywhere from 20 minutes on the low end to 1.5 hours on the high end. Literally anyone who's decent with a mouse and keyboard, or a controller can play and find both a mission duration and difficulty level that will suit their time limits and skill.

I don't want to make this much longer, but I will say that the voice lines are very creative, sometimes witty, and usually very funny. They just added a few more in the last patch, so I'm looking forward to more jokes and dialogue options as the game continues to be developed.

The biomes are one of the first things I noticed while playing that, for some reason, the screenshots do not convey. They are quite literally beautiful. Being procedurally-generated means that you will never enter the same cave twice, so each mission's setting is unique and uniquely beautiful. The more complex the cave system in my opinion, the more beautiful to look at they tend to be.

Some biomes are foggy, swampy and humid. Others are psychedelically-colored alien forests, teeming with strange, docile creatures and beautiful, glowing flora. While other biomes are crystalline caverns whose formations reflect like mirrors a sparkling light as you toss flares down their narrow tunnels. Blowing up hundreds of giant, dwarf-eating insects never looked so pretty... But then again there's no other game out there that's doing this.

The Class progression, abilities and vanity items are all very cool. You can tell that, even though the gear isn't interchangeable between classes, and there's no switching weapons of any kind for now, all of the upgrades are meaningful, and truly improve your dwarf's capabilities without ever feeling like they're too powerful to ruin the experience. This is the most apparent with the Engineer, who dishes out the most firepower against waves of enemies. Despite his killing power, he never feels overpowered, especially on Challenge Level 3 and (4 being the highest) where your personal skill is increasingly important and tested, as well as teamwork being ever more essential to success and ultimately, that fat paycheck at the end of the day.

At the end of each mission, you earn experience, credits, and rare minerals that you've mined in the cave system. Experience goes towards the class you just played, credits are spent on upgrades and vanity items, and rare minerals are used to help unlock gear upgrades and vanity items as well. For now the level cap for each class is 20, which still takes maybe 20-30 hours per class. I personally believe they will add to that level cap, as they've already added a whole new ability system, new armors, beards, hats, mustaches, skin colors and more.

I can tell Ghost Ship Games loves the game they are creating. They have already made something that is almost completely devoid of bugs or crashes, and all it's really lacking now is more content and features. Regardless of still being in Early Access, this game is 100% worth the current price and your support. I would not have written such a lengthy review if I didn't feel so strongly about it.

If you can see yourself enjoying casually mining minerals either alone or with friends, this is for you. If you can see yourself enjoying taking on fun, and sometimes massive challenges that will test your hand-eye coordination, threat assessment and FPS skills while working with a team and screaming "ROCK AND STONE!" at each other when victorious, then this game is also, definitely for you! Commando Kal over and out. See you in the Drop Pod!

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