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Pretty good for discounted price.

Pros: Plays good on easy. Can jump straight on with xbox controller. Good jump in and off ya go game.
Found the physics prety good. Beautiful envirinment and lighting in 4k.

Con: Poor car modelling. Look garbage on replay cams. Multi angle replay cams are terrible. Would prefer On board, bonnet,rear and track side cams. Helicopter and side cams a terrible. Poor road surface textures. Ashphalt not to bad but gravel roads are just dirty smears.

If you could have this "no thrills" gameplay/ui and Dirt4 graphics it would be a winner.
Posted June 23, 2018.
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I left this title till last on my sim racing list. I believed I was saving best till last. Wrong. I didn't think a title could get any dodgy than Automobolista (AMS). Wrong. RF2's Gui make AMS gui look amazing.
Detected my wheel (g920) no probs, but wouldn't register any inputs. RF2 may have the best tire physics but I am never going to find out. REFUND. Back to AC, PC2, Dirt4 and F1 2017 for me.
It's time RF2, AC and AMS concentrate on a friendly Gui front end like PC2.
I do like the steam RF workshop implementation, though could do with some better search filters.
Will come back in 12 months.
Posted December 29, 2017.
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Showing 1-2 of 2 entries