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Malidictus 4 hours ago 
OK, probably got fixed at some point. I remember they used to override each other somewhere along the line, sort of like Walk-In Closet and Fully Loaded back in 2014. Good to hear.
Hassat Hunter 5 hours ago 
They stack just fine now as far as I know
Malidictus 5 hours ago 
I didn't mean technical issues. Last I checked, though, the two didn't play very well together, but I don't remember exactly.
Hassat Hunter 5 hours ago 
"since that still has issues between Gunslinger and Hitman"
Hassat Hunter Jul 5 @ 7:50am
One unit is part of a special spawnteam IIRC, but the dedicated shotgun teams? ALL missing.
Malidictus Jul 5 @ 7:37am 
They're missing entirely? Huh. I could swear I've run into them recently... But then, they're so hard to tell apart I thought they were there and I just wasn't seeing them.