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27 sept. à 8h06
Dans le sujet Marine Armor
I just use a mod that auto-completes the Dima memory quests, they are indeed annoying
24 sept. à 21h52
Dans le sujet Nuka World Raiders and Tribute Chest
I've read in various articles as well that the Operators give the most reward loot in the tribute chests. I've also read that the chests refill every 5 days and you need to check it because it can't hold more than 1000 caps. But really loot isn't much of a problem in Fallout 4, by the time you clear Nuka World (if you waiting to 30 for the quest to pop naturally) you should have enough loot to not worry too much about what you're missing. IMO pick the 2 that you like best and don't worry too much about the tribute chests.
21 sept. à 18h34
Dans le sujet Why no bridges?
If they built bridges they'd have to deal with trolls
21 sept. à 14h32
Dans le sujet Far Harbor Question
You need Dima to make peace. There is a way to succeed where nobody gets destroyed and all 3 groups live. You have to help Dima, he will eventually suggest replacing the leader of the Children of the Atom with a synth. If you go along with this the new synth leader will negotiate peace with Far Harbor and no group gets destroyed.
14 sept. à 20h27
Dans le sujet My name is De Sardet,
Shop smart, shop S-Mart
14 sept. à 12h21
Dans le sujet Bloodletting?
It seems that it causes my character who has it to randomly inflict bleeding debuff when he attacks
The devs have said on here that you can only have one of each type of building in each fort
12 sept. à 14h19
Dans le sujet Upcoming deposits/upkeep
oh nice, I guess I didn't see that, I'll check it out next time I play
edit: yea I see it now, I guess I never payed attention to it cause the only time it popped up was when I was placing a room and when that window was up I was looking at the green outline, not the window contents
12 sept. à 11h03
Dans le sujet Upcoming deposits/upkeep
I'd like to be able to see what this is going to be on the next update at any time, not just on the 2nd day when it triggers. Not knowing how much income I have is making me delay purchasing upgrade and building because I'm not sure about the increased upkeep.
12 sept. à 10h25
Dans le sujet Arena Excellence
I completed all 5 rounds of the arena starting at level 7, I was 9 when I finished. I would not recommend going in so low level though, I'm playing a traps/guns character and won by laying traps everywhere. The basic alchemical trap does a good job at breaking the armor of the mobs and the guns also do a good job if you have the right skills. The final boss took me about 25 attempts because he could 1 shot me with one move he does but eventually I got him as well.
11 sept. à 16h43
Dans le sujet First Boss
dodge = sprint button
Remove CTRL from any listings, then go to Sprint and add CTRL to it, dodge shares the same keybind as Sprint
10 sept. à 10h48
Dans le sujet is it truly open world like they say or not?
Who is they? The developers clearly state in the FAQ that this is not an open world game.

Q: Is this an open world game?
A: GreedFall is not an open world game.
9 sept. à 20h46
Dans le sujet Why can't we change dodge KB.
Same thing for me, I habitually hit spacebar instead of LShift, haven't looked into the bindings yet though
25 août à 8h11
Dans le sujet Enchantment help!!!
You always want to disenchant the weakest and less valuable item, I'll give a make believe scenario.

I have item X which does +5 fire damage
I disenchant item X so it's destroyed, however I can now add fire damage to items
The strength of the fire damage I add is based on my enchanting skills and rank, NOT the amount of fire damage that was on the item I destroyed.
So supposed I had enchanting skill of 1 and no perks, I might be able to add +1 or +2 fire damage only to items.
If I had enchanting skill of 100 and all perks maybe it would add +15 fire damage.
The soul gem that you use for the enchantment would determine in this case how many charges the weapon has before it needs to be recharged. Larger soul gems like Greater or Grand will give you the most charges of an enchantment before it needs to be refilled.
Note this is only the case for weapon enchantment, armor and jewelry enchantments do not have charges, they are always on and in this case the size of the soul gems DOES influence how strong the final enchantment is.
22 août à 18h51
Dans le sujet Scotchmo
It was just a flesh wound, they put Scotchmo in one of those chambers like in Star Wars but instead of healing bacta it was filled with Snake Squeezins
14 août à 13h42
Dans le sujet Fighter - Dreadnought Paragon
They are definitely viable as dps, my dreadnought is pretty well geared and frequently gets high position in damage done on the end of dungeon/skirmish results. Some people may expect you to be tank but what you need to decide is which is more fun for you and how much you really care about what other people expect.
2 août à 14h14
Dans le sujet No conformation window pops up when buying Zen?
Yes, steam overlay must be enabled in order to complete the transaction, however you're better off using the website due to the probation and also the fact you get bonus zen if you purchase from their website and you don't through steam.
27 juil. à 21h44
Dans le sujet Bj's voice.
From what I can tell you could just leave it on the whole time, it doesn't overwrite Walkers voice when he says something related to a mission or plot location, it just adds comments in BJ's voice.
19 juil. à 18h47
Dans le sujet Digital Deluxe not showing?
Let me tell you what I did that resolved this in less than 12 hours, this information is also in one of the main threads at the top if you dig through it.

Contact support through and submit a ticket stating gameplay issue and that you're missing deluxe edition dlc. You will get an automated response email, reply to it with a screenshot of your purchase (click your name upper right, account details, purchase history) to show you purchased it, then on bethesda's account page screenshot the "link your account" page showing your account is linked to the steam account and include that screenshot also. I did this and I got a reply saying it was fixed and the next time I logged into the game I got a message about the dlc being activated.
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