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uglykidmoe Feb 5 @ 10:44am 
dang just saw you already own it :)
uglykidmoe Feb 5 @ 10:43am 
how are ya chris, man what memories (via arena). can't help you with bulletstorm, not very far into the game. hope all is well. got a game for ya, interstellar marines. never completed, but absolutely one of the best shooters ever made. i'm gonna attempt to send it to you.
arizonachris Feb 4 @ 8:48pm 
Well how the heck are you my friend. Happy all that stuff and Merry all that stuff. I'm old so you are must be too. Ok so you know I must want something or I wouldn't be chatting. Well, yes and no.
I got this dumb Bulletstorm thing and can't get past the eggs part. I love love the shootemup. Just stuck on eggs.
And hay by the way if you ever stray down to San Pedro there is a BIG gray battleship I work at and I will take you and your kin on a personal tour. I'm the guy in a Red shirt with a dirty Red hat who just happens to be the head of Security. So you can say so.
uglykidmoe Dec 25, 2021 @ 5:08pm 
lol i've been on steam for 17 years and my skill level is 11 your sl is 111. talking about lazy & without skills : )
FromIwoJima Dec 25, 2021 @ 5:57am 
Well, that was copy/paste.
I am lazy and without significant skills of any kind.
uglykidmoe Dec 24, 2021 @ 8:02pm 
dang bro that's some talent. man i can hardly type :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Years my friend! :steamthumbsup: