Mwaddle   United States
In the depths of darkness away from the world of the living. A light flashes and the sounds of crashing thunder echo. Grinding metal and the smell of sulfur and ash permeate. With each flash the figure of a man, flesh torn with exposed blood and bone. Every time he hits the blue glowing object a bright flash and the roar of thunder fills the air. Each strike seems to tear his flesh like paper.
Never weary he goes on for eternity. Determined and unending without any nature of change. What drives this abomination to continue into Infinity.
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Soviet Groot Aug 25 @ 1:37am 
Jesus we should meet
OperationDx Aug 24 @ 2:00pm 
Maybe 5% to 7% gay depending on the weather.
Soviet Groot Aug 24 @ 1:35pm 
so ~25% gay
OperationDx Aug 24 @ 1:16pm 
Haha No! I'm not even half gay.
Soviet Groot Aug 24 @ 1:11pm 
so you're bisexual
OperationDx Aug 24 @ 12:43pm 
Gay! Sure I'm super happy. Gay! Homosexual? No. I am attracted to the human female species.