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After some problems I finally managed to get the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition running. Insane graphics.
butcho Sep 26 @ 6:53am 
I will. ^^

Right now I'm experimenting with the new video textures in Wallpaper Engine. Don't know if you subscribed to some other stuff of mine but expect some heavy animation ♥♥♥♥ in the next wallpapers with audio effects while at the same time using less video RAM and reducing the load on your GPU in general. This is gonna be good fun. :steamsunny:
JimRM Sep 26 @ 1:57am 
Sounds good, keep up the good performance.
butcho Sep 26 @ 1:50am 
Good to hear that you enjoy the wallpaper. Thanks for your comment.

Glad I could provide a season wallpaper that people still use even if it's not exactly the season. It randomly showed up on my desktop some days ago and I was thinking about adding a bit more lightning, maybe some HDR bloom. Stuff to raise the christmas mood a bit more. ^^
JimRM Sep 25 @ 8:12pm 
Hey, thanks again for the Chirstmas countdown background, I'm the guy who posted a post about Christmas on Wallpaper Engine, and you gave me the best wallpaper, thank you!
butcho Sep 3 @ 3:02am 
26.000 subscribers and myself backup your comment for the DOOM wallpaper. Thanks a lot. Enjoy the wallpaper.
CrafterJG Aug 27 @ 12:53am 
Usually don't comment on people's profiles, but I love your DOOM Visualizer wallpaper. :steamthumbsup: