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Jul 16 @ 9:46am
In topic Recenter view in VR
Often the OST database gets updated in the big patches with new remakes (since the new remakes include new music that is added to the OST) so the current OST is outdated.

The OST will be updated again when Time Machine remakes patch comes out.

Point 1,2,3,4 and 5 will be addressed in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback Thomas.
Should be fixed now.
Jul 14 @ 5:00pm
In topic [FIXED] [#72] Cabinet Problems
Backglasses are fixed.
This is now fixed.
This issue still remains in #73
Is this still the case?
Is this fixed?
Perhaps the value are right now however are other problems occurs.

When you hit the spinner you only get little points in return, example you hit the spinner 15 times you only get 2000 points back.

So i am not sure if the the amount of spin rotations is reflecting the score..
Jul 14 @ 4:15pm
In topic [#72] Robot Remake - Improvements
Point 1 still applies in update #73.
The following text in the Circus Remake tables need some slighty adjusting:

Circus 2017 - Lion Taming
Complete Mode 4 named Lion Taming on Circus 2017 table.

Circus 2017 - Fire Dancing
Complete Mode 5 named Lion Taming on Circus 2017 table.

The mode name is both the same.
Jul 14 @ 4:00pm
In topic [#73] Circus Remake - Mode Flashing
When you are playing Mode 2 on the Circus table, the playfield mode lights are flashing (but 2 of them) i think only 1 mode light should be flashing?
Jul 14 @ 10:04am
In topic [#73] Wood's Queen 2019 - DMD Stuck Mode 2
If you play Mode 2 and fail that mode the DMD stays stuck on "X Rotates left for mode complete".

After that the DMD will not display new DMD animations anymore and some of the call outs do not work anymore either.
Jul 13 @ 6:33am
In topic [#73] Stargod SS - Lamphunter
Some of the lamps at the roll overs are off when you start the first ball in lamphunter mode.
Jul 13 @ 6:32am
In topic [#73] Blackbelt SS - Lamphunter
When you play Lamphunter the lamps at the top of the table (roll overs) do not go off when the ball rolls over it.
Jul 12 @ 3:33pm
In topic [#73] Spooky Remake - Rules & DMD Modes
- DMD Has to be upgraded with the new values for the modes
- Rules section has to be updated with the new values (maybe also Apron)
Showing 1-20 of 401 entries