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Dark souls 2 is a game of rinse and repeat, at the beginning, it can be very overwhelming and just overall too hard. But once you've seen a couple Youtube videos or done a bit of grinding you start to see the real side of the game, the fun side. Dark souls 2 is a game that mostly consists of different areas that all lead up to bosses, some bosses being mini or some being major the game is like a roller coaster of different adventures, finding secret spots, fighting giant intimidating bosses and much more. I personally love trying to complete the game as fast as possible, which is known as 'speed running'. But, the game doesn't just consist of fighting NPC's. Although thought impossible, you can play with your friends on this story mode game. Whether that's versing your friend in a death match, or your friend helping you fight the last boss that you just can't face alone. Dark souls 2 is one hell of a game, and I recommend anyone looking for a challenge to try definitely try it.
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Created by - ThePugHybrid
A guide to all the lore behind the Dark Souls 2 DLC Bosses. Warning: Spoilers and speculation ahead.

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