Galan aka Galactus   United States
I'm 34 yrs old and still play this game. Pathetic... maybe.

+voice_enable 0, +spotify

Updated 10/14/2019
Full Specs:
Asus 24inch monitor
1280x1024 STRETCHED @ 144hz
Nvidia - GPU scaling +Full-screen, override unchecked,
Settings Preview - slider to "Let 3D application decide", +clamp +high performance in advanced 3D settings
CSGO Graphics: see screenshots
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 1

Intel i5-9600k w/ Win10 + Mousefix OC 4.5hz
Nvidia EVGA 970 FTW
GSkill TridentZ -XMP timings
Ethernet -TCP optimizer

Razer Ultimate Blackwidow
Zowie S1 Divina @ 400 dpi @ 500hz, 8/11, sens 3.5, m_rawinput 1

Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset
ZOWIE by BenQ G-SR mousepad

Launch Cmds
-nojoy -novid --"Joined: June, 2006" --"Account created 04/16/2007" --"Member since 09 March 2015"
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