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Grand Theft Auto V
Partijano Apr 9 @ 9:09am 
-rep. sining like an idioit and playing like an idiot
ROZH Mar 12 @ 4:00pm 
In Poland it is traditional to ♥♥♥♥ own sister on sundays, every polish father is proud of his son Andrezsycshsysski
76561199095293427 Feb 12 @ 4:21am 
hi, can you send me friend request? i cant add you, idk why
76561199012301060 Dec 21, 2020 @ 1:34pm 
add me pls
BEANpaluROLL Jan 16, 2020 @ 11:43am 
Could barely win even with blatant cheats
Ghaal Jan 5, 2020 @ 12:51pm 
Polish csgo player, should i say more?