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Posted: Sep 1, 2021 @ 6:42am

If I were to describe Puzzledorf in one word, it would be "elegant".

You'll whip through the early puzzles, but that's just a warm up. What I love is that they get tricky without getting complicated. The game doesn't increase difficulty by just throwing larger amounts of things at you. Each puzzle so far is relatively small and, deceptively, appears simple at first glance.

As a package, the game looks and sounds great. The soundtrack is appropriately relaxing and "thinky" sounding. I'm not usually into pixel art but it serves well hereand certainly has a charm factor, looking retro rather than minimalistic.

The trailer says it's about "what makes a good puzzle?" So far they seem to have some good answers. If you're into puzzlers this one is worth a go.
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