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Unlocked Jul 13 @ 10:28am

Piece of Cake

Complete the game on the easiest difficulty
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 10:28am

Double-edged Sword...

Slay the Satan himself
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 12:01am

Shadow of the East

Find that weird Chinese guy
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 9:44am

Wrong Slipgate

Find your double-barrel-and-axe-carrying friend
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 2:03am

Too Serious

Find the guy who took everything too seriously
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 9:40am

Small step for a Warlock...

Slay The Sorcerer
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 7:42am

Industrial Age

Destroy the Massive Tank
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 2:41am


Find 50 secrets
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 2:13am


Find 30 Secrets
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 3:44am

Marco Polo

Find your first secret
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 8:58am

Ponce De Leon

Find 10 Secrets
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 12:07am

Ah'n'gha throdog r'luhhor

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 10:28am

Come Get Some

Complete the game on the standard difficulty
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 3:25am

Weird Cat

Slay the Sphinx
Unlocked Jul 13 @ 10:28am

Bring it on!

Complete the game on the hard difficulty

Evil Nightmare

Complete the game on the hardcore difficulty

Lock 'n' Load

Buy 10 upgrades

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