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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 13 @ 7:42am

The Fight Begins

Reaching the Gate for the first time
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 1:27pm


Defeat Surtr
Unlocked Aug 13 @ 9:09am

Master of Illusion

Defeat Valravn
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 1:55pm

Source of the Darkness

Meet Hela for the first time on the Bridge
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 3:54pm

Trust Your Senses

Complete the Blindness Shard Challenge
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 2:56pm

Different Perspectives

Complete the Tower Shard Challenge
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 3:13pm

Cure For The Plague

Complete the Swamp Shard Challenge
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 3:37pm


Complete the Labyrinth Shard Challenge
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 3:56pm

Gram Released

Pull Gramr out of the Tree
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 4:18pm


Escape the Sea of Corpses
Unlocked Aug 15 @ 4:24pm

Into the Mountain

Enter Helheim
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 4:00am

Tamed the Beast

Defeat Fenrir
Unlocked Aug 16 @ 4:50am

The Final Battle

Confront Hela


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