Jake   Seattle, Washington, United States
Retired Counter Strike Source Professional. (scrolldown)
Fully Loaded (cal-invite: played 2 matches)
ROTC (cal-main/twl-main champs) 8-0
verGe (cal-invite: played 1 match)
Blight (cal-main)
Team Chicken (cal-open): 7-1 [1st place]
Team Chicken (cal-intermediate):15-1 [1st place]
Syntax of Gaming (formally Team Chicken) (cal-main:14-2) 1st place
Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers (cevo-main) [1st place]
SKY5 (cevo-professional) 10-6 [6th place]
Hired2Kill (cevo-main): 15-1 [2nd place]
FEGS (cal-open)
Team Chicken (twl-main): 16-0 [1st place]

Won cal-open, cal-im, and cal main with same core 4
Won cevo open, main, and took 6th in professional

Retired competitive css in 2009

CSGO is an awful game. Counter-Strike died with source and 1.6

Notable CSS LANS:
PDXLAN 2004 [1st place]
PDXLAN 2005 [2nd place]
PDXLAN March 2006 [1st place]
PDXLAN November 2006 [2nd place]
Seattle Gameworks 2005 [1st place]
Seattle Gameworks 2006 [2nd place]
Seattle Gameworks 2006 [3rd place]

Gameclucks 2012 [5th place]
CCA I 2014 [1st place]
CCA II 2014 [1st place]
Auburn Invitational 2014 [1st place]

Currently Online
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Évariste Galois Jun 24, 2016 @ 7:26pm 
Best player I have met in cs to date. Crosshair placing, peeks, sprays, aim, everything is brilliant.
Nammertat Oct 30, 2013 @ 12:23pm