Chad Breau   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
]mTs[ - hellfire

2021 - Installed DOD:S and is reminded to be humble.
2021 - Re-Installed Day of Defeat 1.3 & ran a few episodes
2021 - Rekindling with old pals.
2020 - Started a RUST thing.
2020 - Multiple issues with i7-6700k with CODMW
2020 - Downloaded CODMW - Here we go again?
2020 - Escaped from Tarkov for awhile.
2019 - Pandemic Hits.
2019 - Became a Canadian Certified Transmission Specialist for Voith/ and Allison.
2018 - Joined Area51 Gaming
2018 - Became affiliated with
2018 - Fortnite Grind.
2017 - Purchased & Downloaded Standard - Escape From Tarkov
2017 - Registered as a twitch user. Started streaming.
2017 - Learned about Bitcoin/ Technical Analysis/ Trends and Trading general stocks and what a sharing really is.

CPU Problems one day, didn't bother repairing it. Quit Gaming temporarily.
2011 - Joined vVv for cod4. short lived, not local enough.
2010 - Quit RFOnline/ RF Equilibrium : IGN:hydra
2008 - CAL closes down officially with confirmation.
2008 - CAL official sold, and transferred to a new administration.
2006 - Downloaded "RF Online; the Beta Version"
2004 - Chilled with everyone in irc #from #scrimdod #dodscrim #caldod #2L2Q #dodealers #1911 #mts #united5 and #50cal / #1g-pug
2004 - Joined Menace To Society #mts
2003 - merged with willeh/iorio/kang/hap for insomniac gamers
2003 - tlr(dod1.3) CALopen Champions (hellfire/bouch/alerx/red/slovak/vlad/?) Eman cheated against us and match was overturned in our favor. (tlr doesn't get advanced into main and disbands)
2003 - I retire with 85th and founded "The Last Revolution" - IRL friends from Highschool to start in calo
2003 - Narc retires, Hands down 85th to rwc who wins another championship.
2002 - Applied for CAL Administrator position, and was accepted. (My Introduction to catching cheaters in competitive gaming)

2002 -(YEAR OF BLACKOUT) LANMASH2 Missisauga, Ontario Canada. Losing to Vigilante Elite(dune/ignite/gustov/gin/strife/douper/plex/alcatraz) vs NHN(max,xormm) and 85th (Narc/Hydro/alerx/hellfire/Red/Slovak
(I recall now watching strifetoe plex max. It is one of my most fond memories)
2002 CALmain Multiple Championships with 85th and RWB in CALo/IGL/TPG/UGS.
2002 - Joined RWB and lead their lower division to TPG championship at age 16.
2002 - vA wins STA vs Negative Tension during a crucial time.
2002 - Founded vA| with Paragon met the rest of the homies on RogerWilco and gamesurge.irc.
2001 - Joined 63rd was introduced to what real competitive gaming requires by effort.
2000 - Downloaded Day of Defeat 1.2b and joined with 10thmd for first ever competitive scrim/match.
2000 - Met Dune through school, and was introduced to 101st and what IRC was... first game played (Dod1.2b on dod_thunder, vs NHN)
2000 - Registered to STA- league with 10th Mountain Division.

Call of Duty 4 - PC ( Promod ) aka sigma or chad-
MoB - COD4 CEVOp Chimpae's Favorite Bench Champion
XCG - COD4 CEVOp Sniper/Rifle
50cal -COD4 CEVOp SMG
2008 - CL/\SH eSports - CODBlackops (SNIPER)

IGN: hellfire/chad/spardy/spardington
aka. CAL-AC|Breau on / CAL-AntiCheat Administrator for Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike 1.3/1.6 (2002-2005)
Currently Online
rebel May 18, 2021 @ 8:04pm 
he's a pretty smart guy, will def defend you in court dealing with "hackuzations"
Stormwater Management Nov 27, 2017 @ 5:58pm 
-rep really good trader
Drados, The Yellow Unicorn Jul 16, 2017 @ 9:56pm 
-rep cheater. If you want to learn, keep playing Silver instead of hacking, loser.
Enica.Y Jan 22, 2017 @ 8:26am 
Top Man Kip Up
pwny. Sep 24, 2016 @ 8:48pm 
+rep hot for tuleea
Kayhex Sep 5, 2016 @ 1:57pm 
Taught me to use my Radar.