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Kinda Inactive [X]
Community map maker for a game called No More Room In Hell:
My maps:
Nmo_Shelter, Nmo_Parish, Nmo_fersmas, Nmo_surreal
Nmrih WipS / Ideas:
Nmrih map names:
Nmo_isolation, nmo_phalanx, nmo_subterranean, nmo_catacombs, nmo_darkforest, nmo_grimwood, nmo_isolated, nmo_disparity, nmo_harbour, nmo_shelter2, nmo_swamp, nmo_court, nmo_infirmary, nmo_assembly, nmo_deadcruise, nmo_cargo, nmo_summit, nmo_atex, nmo_powerplant, nmo_trainyard, nmo_darkness
Levels i created
:zhand: nmo_shelter_subterranean :2017eyeball: [gamebanana.com] Official version and community
:2017eyeball: arena_fersmas :zhand: [gamebanana.com] Final version
:zhand: nmo_parish :2017eyeball: [gamebanana.com] Alpha version 4
:2017eyeball: nmo_surreal :zhand: [gamebanana.com] Final version
Upcoming maps
:thumb: nmo_despair :thumb:
:thumb: nmo_abandonment :thumb:
:thumb: nmo_underpass :thumb:
Screenshot Showcase
No More Room in Hell
Tuco_AKA_The_Rat May 28 @ 10:35pm 
Babman told you for sure!! Hes always behind!!!
Fers May 28 @ 10:13pm 
The letter e
Tuco_AKA_The_Rat May 28 @ 5:53pm 
So you like questions? I have a riddle for you... What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
Big Hunky Gay Man xxx May 20 @ 2:33pm 
What is tiwwies? I got a ball sack like a pair of coconuts if that's what youre asking.
Tuco_AKA_The_Rat Apr 29 @ 9:42am 
Not sure but i believe that guy Hotdog is a Bab agent. Maybe Bab brainwashed him or something like that.
Fers Apr 29 @ 2:23am 
We all know Bab's always behind stuff. Rumours say he even has HotDog, the famous inspirational mapper hidden in his basement.