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Simply because of my profile tag, people ask, why should the heavy be nerfed? The sandvich and the tomislav nerf are two examples. I will further explain why I think nerfs are called for.

When I started first playing, I can't say whether the soldier or the dem was more powerful, but probably being a new player I picked up on the soldier pretty quick. And I noticed that back then, the soldier was overhealed by medics a lot more. I also played heavy, but he couldn't deal with spam nearly as well as the soldier could. Because buffed to 300 hp and fully reloaded, the soldier could peek in, unload all his rockets, then retreat to cover, and probably still be alive.

But for the heavy, his minigun range was much shorter from what is is today (the minigun buff was when I changed my tag, and I think that may have been a couple years ago). So if a medic tried to focus heal the heavy, he was somewhat less effective when trying to push a corner, and more likely to die because due to his short range he would die to soldier spam. The soldier would be taking less damage from the heavy, and the soldier could retreat between rocket volleys.

The heavy was not useless, however. His role, in my opinion, would be to stand near the soldier, but behind the corner or whatever the team was trying to push through. He was there to protect everyone when the soldier was reloading, or at any time a random pyro or scout came around the corner. I could do pretty well in that role as far as points was concerned. And the heavy was being a team player.

Today, the soldier still has much better mobility, but the heavy can more predominantly be used as the offensive class. That has a few negative effects in my opinion. First, it is easier for a medic to pocket a heavy. That doesn't make medic play more fun. The movement and fluidity of the soldier being the main heal target make medic more active play style. Medic play can now be more lazy. Some medics are still good medics and will buff other classes, but I find that many are lazy. Plus, you are less likely to notice the soldier, demo, or pyro teammate as they run up to the line. I could ask for a buff but it still may not come because that heavy is taking damage and the medic doesn't feel they can spare a moment to give me 100hp crit buff. Secondly, the heavy can spam from a relatively safe distance and do damage well. Aiming at that distance is much easier than trying to kill a pyro at close range as fast as possible before he kills a medic or teammate. Thirdly, the heavy buff degraded the sense of teamwork. I think it has become something of a 'heavy-medic fortress'. Once you wipe the 2 people on the enemy team that matter so much, the difficulty of a push drops hugely. I wish the 'heavy-medic' pair didn't matter so much.

I main demo though because finding a medic is usually difficult, and I think demo is the best solo offensive class. The demo has the mobility to find health packs, and do sneaky attacks.
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