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Backpack [backpack.tf] Better Check Before You Ask
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[Mine] CC+HHH Bill's History [backpack.tf]
CC+HHH Bill's History 2 [backpack.tf]
CC+VFB Beep Boy [backpack.tf]
[Mine] SS Balloonicorn [backpack.tf]
[Mine] CC Thirst Blood [backpack.tf]
[Mine] SS Hurt Locher [backpack.tf]
1:3 CC+HH Beep Man [backpack.tf]
Ban This Dude http://steamcommunity.com/my/profile
Report This "Sharker" [Ain't a Joke]

Custom "The Classic" Name: "Also Sucks at Equilibrium"
Custiom "The Classic" Desc.: "This weapon sucks so much even when it's a automatic that Christian Bale kicked those F2P soldier's asses 10 seconds flat"

Don't Mind The Notes:

Hello: 12 things you're doing:
1. You're reading my comment
2. Now you're saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
4. You didnt notice that I skipped 3.
5. You're checking it now.
6. You're smiling.
7. You're still reading my comment.
8. You know all you have read is true.
10. You didn't notice that I skipped 9.
11. You're checking it now.
12. You didn't notice there are only 10 facts
Copy and paste to 1 profile, and tomorrow will be the best day ever

-Rep. Don't kick players or attemp to when they kill friendlies because you assume they are tryhards or toxic richies. Some of them are just trying to play the game with some skill. Even you said before that strange kills are pointless when some others do like their kills on their stranges. It is their choice to farm kills or get them from casual. Just have some respect for others. Forgot to mention, trade servers aren't supposed to be friendly servers, it says on the map including the server. If you still want to be friendly, then go to a friendly server then which has other maps you could play.

P.S. Thought you were a actual friendly, not a votekicker or a dude who makes excuses.

Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer (Original Version) 10 hours
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[surf_twilight_rc2 Code for 4th Jail: 4213]
[surf_meister_V3 Final 2 Code for Top Jail: 0 Light=123 (Each Light=+2 | 123+2=125)]
[trade_houseofchoasS2 Secret: Shoot 5 Cheese + Burgerpants' Nose + Undyne on Top of Mountain = Hidden Room Behind Asriel Portrait]

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ACG Donor: 4-6 keys

GLaDOS: Have any of you considered the career oportunities as an Aperture Science test subject?
Brock: I'm all fuckin' in.

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Buying things with less than 380 Refined Metal (9.5+ Keys), no pure keys, for bulk, quicksell, cheap items for sale! (Will not count paints, killstreaks nor strange parts.)

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