Byron   Temple City, California, United States
I like Teamfortess 2 and Left 4 Dead. Sleeping is my favorite pass time activity, as well as eating out. I'm into RPG type of games like Final Fantasy. Although I've never played WoW, games of those type are my favorite. I love a good story in a video game, it is my highest priority when it comes to judging a good game.

Curremt Games Being played:
-TeamFortress 2
-Left 4 Dead

Playstation 3:
-MetalGear 4 / MetalGear 4 Online
-Fallout 3
- Grand Theft Auto 4
- Ninja Gaiden Sigma
- Street Fighter 4

Xbox 360:
- Gears of War

Nintendo Wii:
- Super Mario Brawl
- King of Fighters Collection
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