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Posted: Jun 13, 2020 @ 8:06pm
Updated: Jun 13, 2020 @ 8:08pm

Early Access Review
This is Torchlight: The Mobile Game not Torchlight III. I am so disappointed in this dumbed down Torchlight experience as I was a fan of the previous two and looking forward to this. You can tell this was designed to be a mobile game alone by the large UI/Buttons and narrow FOV. Only two skill trees with seven skills in each which some are pretty similar and generic. No more stat points. No more fishing. No more spell scrolls. Enemies and bosses are boring and move slow (mobile game so needs to be like this for touch controls). Levels are small and short (meant to be played in small quick play sessions on a mobile device). Map overlay only appears when the player stops moving? There is a passive skill section with quite a lot of skills to choose from but you can only equip three and each one unlocks at level 5, 20, 40. The Runic weapon is somewhat interesting and is an active item you equip. You have five to choose from, they level up and have a small talent tree but most of the talents are pretty generic and do not allow much room for creativity. Your Pet can equip four skills (out of a total of 12) but again nothing too exciting here. Everything just seems very generic and dumbed down when it comes to making a build. If they released this on mobile and didn't call it Torchlight III it actually wouldn't be too bad but this is not the sequel to Torchlight II you have been looking for.
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